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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by bigkidtrainz31
well, here it was about 9:50pm tonight, sunday...
heard and felt the rumblin' (my apt./rutherford) and sure enough i missed it !
all i did was watch the whole thing from my stoop looking down the block...
i'd rather catch the train from beginning to end...
there were about 30-40 cars all mixed lines some bn,railbox,
covered hoppers mostly..one had a "corn products" logo...
some tankers, lumbers,flats with pipe,boxes, etc.
i heard the horns, but it was going slower than normal...
anyone else catch this train go by tonight
and know which industries are along the line?
excuse my enthusiasm, but
moving here from NYC (mostly subways and commuter cars)
and seeing this is too cool...lol...
peace ya'll...


  by Sirsonic
That would be H07 headed west to Hillburn (Suffern) and Campbell Hall. He brings the loads up and empties back, usually returning just ahead of the AM rush. The largest segment of traffic he carries is covered hoppers of grain headed to Bay States Milling in Passaic (I think that's what town its in) about a mile or so east of Paterson on the original Erie Main Line. This train also carries ethanol for Black Prince in Clifton, bulk commodities for the transfer facility in Paterson, plastic pellets for several customers, lumber for several customers, flour for Nabisco in Fairlawn and Zarega Pasta also in Fairlawn, chemicals for Jones Chemical on the Hudson Secondary (by Campbell Hall) and seasonally, road salt for the customer in Waldwick who gets about 100+ carloads each fall to sell each winter to surrounding towns, in addition to others.

  by bigkidtrainz31

thanks for all the info...quite interesting.
i think i might go see some of these places
or see if there's any on-line pics of them...i'm planning
a new layout so this might be cool to use as a protoype.
also i remember when i first started working in secaucus,
an a.m. freight would wait for the signal before proceeding
(right by the harmon cove towers leading out of crox) usually
on tuesday mornings. i was lucky enough to snap off a pic of it...
an NS (in Conrail blue) GP-40-2
what kind of power is used for these longer trains that run to campbell?
i'm still exploring places in NJ in general...very cool.


  by blockline4180
Wow, looks like you almost formed the picture of a covered wagon with your unique typing style. :-D

  by bigkidtrainz31

funny cuz my original post is almost the exact, opposite
upside down....lol.

  by Bano
That's my old run the H07 Sundays we go on duty at 1pm. I am currently on the H81

  by Steve F45
i forgot to post this. On wednesday night around 8pmish, i was down in saddle brook near the nysw yard off of midland waiting for the su-99 to head out. If waiting for a bit, you can catch as many as 6-8 njt trains on the main line. Well that night i heard the horns as they crossed over market going west. Well this was a freight, had a sd70m-2 as a leader and gp40 trailing, had maybe 30 cars. Was nice to catch it.

  by Bano
We throw any engines together to run that train. I remember on the 8th of this month I had 5 engines and a Gp38 was the leader followed by 2 Dash 9's and 2 Dash 8's. If i am only come back with 10 - 20 empties we get 21m's power which are usually 2700 series. If I am coming back with more than 20 we get mixed power and pull right into the yard leave it running for a 33k crew to take the empties to allentown.

  by Steve F45
Bano which is the larger of the freights up the bc line? i've seen 1 large one about a year ago and thats it besides detours.

  by Bano
The largest freight up the BC line is by far the H07. If we run everyday the train is an average of 20-30cars. There are times that the train does not go out because of manpower reasons that we get a huge train easily 60 or more cars. The H82 is short the most I had was 10 cars when I ran that.

  by Steve F45
bano, i just saw your other post about on duty times. the h07 doesn't work on fri/sat? So is sunday the best chance for a decent freight?

  by Bano
The H07 is a 5 day a week local Sunday through Thursday. The crew goes on duty only on sundays at 1pm. It should be a nice size train. The 32a runs everyday so figure thursday, friday and saturday those cars been in the yard. Should be more than 50 cars.

  by Steve F45
i wish i was able to take a vacation day for tomorrow. Stuck at work till7am. Wouldn't mind catching it.

  by bigkidtrainz31

that's pretty cool stuff, thanks for sharing...
moved to NJ from NYC, so this is big time
freight action for me...
always trying to catch H07 from the beginning...
one of these sun. nights i'll get lucky...lol.
good luck out there on the rails...


  by Bano
The H07 is due through rutherford tomorrow anywhere from 2pm on. I am working the H81 Pascack Valley local with me red caboose.....lol...til the end of the month.
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