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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by tnman
Does anyone know when the next hiring session is going to be for Norfolk southern
  by MikeJ
Worst post ever?

Me thinks yes.
  by tempguy
hey now. i got scolded for criticism a few days ago. no attacks. ;)

but no seriously.. poster dude.. you have to be way more specific.. for what job.. when.. where.. hiring sessions do not operate on a public schedule.. maybe soon.. maybe never.. we could know.. we might not.. the idea is you apply.. and you wait... and search these forums for information relating to the job you applied to that others might have.

good luck.
  by tnman
Sorry to be so vague I'm new to all this. I live in east tn and have applied for several positions both locally and out of state. Mainly apprentice signal man. I've been trying for a year now and haven't had any luck yet. I was wondering how the hiring process works. Didn't know if they have one big session for the area or if ns has sessions according to the position applied for. Any info would be appreciated.
  by LawnJockey
I've been to ones for NS that were for up to 3 jobs at one time for one given location. If its been a year and you haven't been to a hiring session yet? I'd say go over your resume and make it fit the jobs which you are applying better if possible. Its also hard to say with NS when the next hiring session will be as they just tend to leave old job postings up for a while, you can reapply to these jobs to make sure there still the ones you applied for a few months ago or if there new.
  by tnman
Ok thanks lawn jockey ill try to tailor my resume a bit better. I've been doing just what you said about re applying. I guess I need to keep checking back and hoping I get a break.
  by LawnJockey
Any saftey stuff you can add throw in aswell sftey is there number 1 concern and you will find that out when you do get to a session.
  by DutchRailnut
yup safety and spelling ;-)
  by gp80mac
And proper punctuation?
  by LawnJockey
And if your a horrible at spelling and typing like me have someone proof read it. lol
  by tnman
Thanks for the info guys. Just one more thing , if I apply for signal man in tn and also in another state like ind and get called for the one in ind,will I have to show up in ind before every job? The description says over 10 days a month travel and its system wide so I didn't know if I would have to move or not.
  by Josh37876
Hello all,

I went to a hiring session in knoxville today and I made it through the interview process and I was wondering what do I need to do now? out of 75 or so people only 18 or so got interviewed. Any information would be helpful.
  by Josh37876
I was at a hiring session this past friday and made it through the interview and was told that it would be 3 to 5 days before I heard anything are my chances good?
  by tnman
Hey josh,Ns must do hiring sessions way different than csx. I went to one for csx in Cincinnati a couple months back and they only invited 10 people total. Only 7 showed. If you got an invite for ns,consider yourself lucky,Ive applied 71 times over the last 17 months and still nothing. Everything I read here says sit back and wait. It could be weeks or months before you hear back. What pos. Did you apply for?
  by Josh37876
Its been almost a week and I have not heard anything I am getting alittle worried bc I have not got an email or phone call can anyone give any insight?