• NS heritage units on the Lake Erie District

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Matt Langworthy
The LV heritage unit was trailing on NS 206 this afternoon. Several reports placed #8104 at GB Diamond in Blasdell around 3:30 PM and Bison Yard shortly before sunset. I am not sure whether #8104 will go east or west from Bison. This is the 1st time the LV unit has come to NY state.
  by Matt Langworthy
No luck for NYers with the LV unit- #8104 led NS 205 out of Buffalo on the former NKP main early this morning.
  by Matt Langworthy
Here we go again- the LV heritage unit is trailing on NS 206 this afternoon. The train was in northwestern PA an hour ago and should get the Buffalo area before dark. There is a sense of deja vu with #8104 being on the former NKP main, as the original LV units rode those rails as part of the power pools with NKP/N&W back in the day.
  by Matt Langworthy
The LV unit is at Bison Yard now. The crew for NS 205 goes on duty around 3 AM. If #8104 is assigned to that train, she'll probably leave town before sunrise.
  by Matt Langworthy
The LV unit left Buffalo before dawn as the lead engine for NS 206. The train is already in Ohio.
  by Matt Langworthy
Third time- #8104 is trailing on NS 206 again. The LV unit should arrive in greater Buffalo this afternoon.
  by sd80mac
Matt Langworthy wrote:This is the 1st time the LV unit has come to NY state.
I thought that it came up to NYS on 30/31T or 10/11T. and was turned around and send back from Bingo. Or it was on 12/13T. It happened during first or early 2nd year of Heritage units. Maybe I'm wrong...
  by Matt Langworthy
I think you're confusing the LV unit with the Pennsy unit, which has been in NY. The LV unit unit was never on 12T or 13T -the foam would have been waist deep if that had happened.
  by Matt Langworthy
NBS #4000 (DC to AC unit) is leading NS 206 today. The train was spotted in Indiana a few hours ago, so I expect #4000 will arrive in Buffalo by late afternoon or early evening.
  by BR&P
Matt Langworthy wrote:NBS #4000 (DC to AC unit) is leading NS 206 today.
Is that one of those partnerships between trucking and the railroads?

  by Matt Langworthy
LOL!!! You do need to join FB, sir. Punny memes abound there.

On a more serious note, the initial report of NS #4000 for today was erroneous on the HU website. The unit is actually on NS 24N, which will not come to Buffalo.
  by BR&P
That was no Facebook meme, there actually was such a company. I believe they were bought out or merged with another outfit and no longer roam the highways, but their trucks truly did carry that logo and name, and that's the tru....that's NBS!

As for such a loco, well, I suppose it would be a candidate for some fun on an HO set even if there is no real-world prototype. :wink:
  by el3625
It is true, I have seen these truck trailers in real life on the interstates, I worked for Penndot for 33+ years. I thought they were pretty funny. Should model one in ho for the layout.

  by lvrr325
Takes on a whole new meaning parked next to a Campbell Express trailer.