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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by railfan32
Hello there, I have a quick question about an NS freight line in the Philadelphia area. There is a line that branches off from Falls Yard (near Manayunk, East Falls, Wissahickon area) that is a single track that runs along the Manayunk Canal. I have only seen a train on it twice, and I don't even know what line it is. Does anyone know what line it is or how often trains run on it, or which ones do?

  by PARailWiz
I think you are referring to the Venice IT - it goes by the two apartment buildings in the middle of the river, correct?
  by railfan32
I'm not sure. All I know is that is branches off near the East Falls Yard, and the track runs adjacent to the Manayunk Canal/ Tow-Path and you can see it from the Schuykill River Trail if you are in the Manayunk/Shawmont area of it. The track looks like it's in bad condition, and I have only seen a small freight train on it (an engine and maybe 2 tankers or a boxcar) once or twice. I was curious to know if anyone knew what line it was, or how often it's used.
  by scotty269
Search the Pennsylvania Railfan forum for "Manayunk" and/or "Venice".
  by bluedash2
That's the Venice IT, the only freight line in Manayunk. It's served by an NS local out of Abrams Yard. The line is in not so great shape and only has a customer or two left. IIRC, they can only use an SW1001 on that track. Last time I worked around there a few years ago, they worked the line mid-late mornings.
  by gprimr1
That line honestly looks like a child's roller coaster.

It's a place I have always wanted to photograph, but I imagine it's very hard to catch a train there. Here's a picture of it from two years ago. I can't find the one of the huge drop in the track.
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  by GP15king
Its the Venice IT that goes to paper works industry paper mill the best days to catch a train on the line are Monday Wednesday and Friday any time from 10am to 4pm. they are due to come down Friday 7/22/11 info came from my father who work at the paper mill unloading the tank cars. the yard job is the H25 that come out of abrams yard. the days that they got to go down the branch they will have SW1001 in the consist.
  by ns2110

This is a video I took about five years ago. Alot has changed since I took this video. The soap factory in the background is luxury condos, the restaurant in the background has closed, the engineer has passed away, the conductor has retired and the 2110 is no longer with Norfolk Southern.
  by olneytrains
On 2-1-2016 ESPN switcher #52 will work the Venice Industrial track per a mention in rrpicturearchives.net
  by Acela150
That is cause the ESPN has leased the Venice IT from NS.
  by ns2110
I believe all of the SW1001s have been rounded up for disposal too. I haven't seen any type of end cab switcher at Abrams in quite some time. Even the MP15 that was there (the 2353) is gone.