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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by cockerhamsg
I had my BC and medical about a week after the hiring session and was called for school a month or 5 weeks after that. Then I had to wait another month or so to go to school.
  by chris467
Well after 5 tries I finally got called with a conditional job offer. When they called they said that they will email me some paperwork to fill out before going to do the physical. How long does that generally take ?
  by Optionmonster
I had an ankle break high school football and injured my knee in football, will that hurt me in The medical exam?
  by diggerman
I was invited to a hiring session in November in Bourbonnais Illinois. I passed all the tests and landed an interview. I thought the interview went ok. The recruiter said we would hear something by Thanksgiving, I still haven't gotten an email or phone call yet. My application status still shows in process but the conductor position has been reposted on their job board.

Anyone have any insight with my situation?

  by GE45tonner
If you are fine now I don't think they'd throw you out. If the knee effects you climbing up ladders or walking a mile and a half down your train, the doctor will be able to tell and that would be an issue.
  by Optionmonster
I've read these post over and over. What exactly is an employment background check? What does it consist of
  by Miz860
After trying 2 times...... I am going to give it 1 more shot. Just applied to NS again for the Philadelphia posting. Let's see what happens this time. Hopefully I have the paperwork they require this time.
  by Pdpat
What a process. Lots of waiting, running around getting additional records for really OLD MINOR injuries I disclosed. Finally, it's over and this thread helped me keep my sanity. Got my class date.
From my conditional offer to start date is just under two months. I'm sure holidays had a part in it being so long.

My advice to anyone applying is tailor your resume towards safety. List all the safety responsibilities and duties towards all your previous jobs and be able to expand off it if you land the interview after the testing. Secondly, mention anything that has required you to work odd hours or in inclement weather.
  by chris467
Out of curiosity when are going to McDonough for training ?
  by rail-roada
Either one of you working out of DeButt's in Chattanooga?
  by diggerman
I got a call a couple weeks a ago from NS police to come in for a BC. The same day was sent for a physical and drug screen. It's has been 8 days since and I know the time frame is usually a couple of weeks. The odd thing is I havant received a offer of conditional employment.From things I've read online it seems I should of getten the offer before I was sent for the BC and physical. It's almost like someone from NS missed a step? Anyone hear of this before?
  by jboyle
Do you all know when NS might be hiring again? I have applied for several jobs and still have the IN PROGRESS status. Thanks.
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