• Norfolk Southern Heritage Units.

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by dedm30junk
The unit is done it looks great.Please stop complaining about the size of the worm on the nose of the unit. Its a heritage unit and it was done right to me. Whats wrong next with the unit? People please just like what Norfolk Southern has done with all these units. They brought back the past and lets enjoyed it.
  by NJRAIL1256
Nothing special about the PC unit. Looks like all they had to do is change the decals from NS to PC. Boring.
  by MEC407
Well, that's how Penn Central units looked: boring. So it's an accurate representation.

Now they just need to find a way for the unit to derail itself while standing still, and the illusion will be complete! :P
  by 161pw165

Bet it would look great swaying back and forth on the old PC Ohio trackage.
  by Big Bri
If I'm making an ACCURATE observation about the unit then how is that complaining?
Did NS not haul back to the paint booth the LV unit to accurately fix the nose decals and paint???

Am I grateful that there's a PC heritage unit? You're damn right I am! But accuracy has been the standard by which NS has been
painting these units.

Big Bri
  by MEC407
It seems to me that they ought to make a minor adjustment to the Conrail unit, then. The "CONRAIL" on the nose seems too small and has looked odd to me from the very beginning.

Not a complaint, just an observation.
  by Big Bri
A very correct observation..........a few of us CR fans have noticed that as well.
  by 161pw165
Maybe if the Conrail Historical Society did what the LV's did, then possibly the nose could be corrected while the CR unit is down for mechanical repair. Just a thought.....
  by terminalfanatic
Norfolk Southern's eighteenth heritage unit, poses outside the shop in Muncie.


...or if your prefer the Photoshopped version better...

http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv28 ... 6923_n.jpg

Love PC or hate it I love that engine!
  by Jeff Smith
Shouldn't the PC units be in some kind of garrish yellow and green or blue?
  by scottychaos
I LOVE the PC unit! :)
very cool..
(my only memories of PC were a few remaining black PC units when I started photographing Conrail as a teenage railfan in 1984)
they helped me learn the railroad history of my area (southern tier and Western NY)
I have never had any reason to "hate" PC..to me, PC is simply interesting railroad history..
(I dont like the photoshopped version with the red & white..the real version is much better)

  by tahawus84
i love the PC unit!! the problem is they all look so great i really cant pic a favorite but pc is one of the best!
  by workextra
Regardless of the minor details being a bit off, NS did a amazing job on all the heritage units. Out of 18 units only one (LV) had to get corrected and had the most flaws. The issues with the (CR) unit and the (PC) unit are not that big of a deal and are 99.9% accurate.
THANK YOU NS!! The heritage units look great and are a nice touch to your roster and for your 30 years of service.
One line did it right!
  by MEC407
Put on your sunglasses, folks... here comes Illinois Terminal!

  by grumpyoldman
Are there any resources on the Web to help track the whereabouts of specific heritage units. I would really like to see and photograph 1068 (the Erie unit)? I spend some time in Sullivan County NY and would certainly trek to Bingo or Eastern PA if there were a chance of a sighting.

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