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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by WNYRailfan
How active is the NS (ex PRR) from Harrisburg, PA north to Buffalo, NY?

I have not seen a train ever on that line no matter what time of the day I am near the tracks.

When you are on NY 240 (Orchard Park Rd) heading North (Northwest) and you cross the NS line (via an overpass), looking to the North there are 2 bridges over the cazenovia creek. The bridge to the Northwest carries the active NS track (ex PRR) over the creek and under NY 240. The bridge to the Northeast is abandoned. Also the ROW that leads up to the Northeast bridge does not pass under the NY 240 overpass, meaning that it was abandoned before the overpass was built. What line was this ROW that is east of the NS (ex PRR)?


  by roc
Recent weeks have seen strong traffic on the BL because of A.) a major wreck on the NS southern tier near Hornell whereby six miles of mainline were heavily damaged and B.) poor track conditions on the R&N over which CN and NS trains have trackage rights. Additionally, in recent months trackage rights trains on the R&N have experienced a number of minor and not-so-minor derailments. NS and CN have rerouted their trains off the R&N to avoid non-compliant track to the BL and CP (D&H) mainline.

These two factors have contributed to "detours" down the BL, as well as trains on the WNYP's newly re-activited Olean to Hornell line segment.

Numerous posts regarding increased traffic can be found on the NS Buffalo Line group on Yahoo (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NSBuffaloLine/messages). Guys on the list are just about ecstatic with the recent surge in traffic...

You can also pick up news/info from railfan.net's WNY&P forum and Les Wilson's site. There are, of course, other sources as well -- try Googling Buffalo Line detours.

WNYPRR.com has a pic of 12T which came off the BL at Olean and other railfan pic posts have images of these detour trains as well.