Relay is a small town south of Baltimore near BWI. Many may know it as Saint Dennis, but it’s actually right next to Saint Dennis. Relay is where the CSX Capital subdivision and the CSX Old Main Line subdivision meet. From the perspective of the railfan, the Old Main Line (OML) will be closest to the road and the Capital Subdivision the two tracks farthest from the road. Railfans can expect to see a good variety of trains here. Maryland Area Rail Commuter (MARC) passenger trains run only during morning and evening rush hours. The Capital Subdivision hosts the Juice Train from Florida, auto-racks, and other mixed freight. The OML hosts mix freight, auto-racks, and coal.

Relay is an enjoyable location for train watching. Another post discusses Relay in the summer, this will discuss the winter. In the winter, it is possible to photograph trains as they make the turn out of Saint Dennis going south in the afternoon. You are most likely to encounter trains headed for the OML on the track closest to the road.

Relay MD can be located by searching Google Maps for “Relay Maryland” or using these GPS coordinates: 39°13’27.6″N 76°42’33.2″W

The area is safe and railfans are a common sight. Be careful of straying too far off the road as the railroad runs right up against the road and trespassing is a crime.