A great spot on Route 66 in California between Barstow and Needles, Pisgah provides a grade crossing to stop and take photos. There is plenty of space to park and wait for trains without worrying about traffic. There are also signals viewable to indicate when trains are approaching (though they will be signals for trains going west) and the long site lines will give you time to prepare.

Due to the east/west orientation, your best photo opportunities will be eastbounds in the morning and westbounds in the evening during the summer months.

Eastbound trains only are also possible to photograph well in the winter months in the morning only.

As this is the BNSF transcon, expect fast freight trains. Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, if it makes a daylight appearance due to late running, can reach up to 90MPH on sections between Needles and Barstow.

Safety Tip: The Mojave desert gets extremely hot during the summer. While Route 66 does see traffic, and large portions are covered by cell phone service, always be prepared with emergency water should a breakdown occur.

Another view of this location.