Party Train continues to anger local residents


In 2010 local residents in and around MARC train stations in Maryland complained about drinking on the train. Residents felt that the drinking leads to drunk driving, and alcohol should in turn be banned from MARC trains. Fox 5 conducted an investigation and ran a news story to that effect.

In 2011, alcohol consumption continues on MARC trains and a Fox 5 follow up report indicates that drinking, profanity and occasional fighting continue on the MARC train. Residents continue to complain about MARC riders then driving their cars home after drinking on the train.

Maryland law allows for the consumption of alcohol on MARC trains, this law some are trying to change.

The solution here is not to change the law. For every one person who causes problems, there are probably hundreds who ride the train, drink a beer, and cause no trouble at all. Drinking and driving, fighting, these things are criminal offenses. Instead of taking a nanny-state approach and banning drinking on the train, Maryland should be taking a hard line approach on those who break the law. A DUI is a very expensive charge, and one that most fear, and one that most will not repeat.

Punish the criminal, not the population.


Fox 5 News Clip


Greg Primrose