Measles Patient on Amtrak Regional Train


CBS Baltimore is reporting on August 17th, a passenger on Amtrak train 171 traveled from New York Penn Station to Lynchburg Virginia while suffering from a case of measles.

Health departments in the states he traveled through are on alert in case anyone becomes ill. Measles is preventable via childhood vaccines, but not everyone is vaccinated and the disease can infect those who are too young to be vaccinated. Measles can also be dangerous should the person have had the disease in childhood.

Health authorities are advising anyone on August 17th’s train 171 to be on the alert for any signs of measles. Those with children to young to vaccinate and those who had measles as a child should be especially cautious and seek medical help should any symptoms show up.

Perhaps, the most important lesson here, if you are sick, STAY HOME. Be courteous to others and stay home until you are feeling well.  In a public environment, we must be careful and remember that a disease that ones body is fighting off could easily kill or seriously threaten the life of someone else.