There is a lot of railroad history here. on the west side of the Jones Falls, the Baltimore Light Rail, which follows the right of way of the old Northern Central railroad breaks off and heads into the city to begin street running. On the east side of the river, the Baltimore Street Car museum and long lost right of way of the MD&PA railroad. Underneath you is the Amtrak mainline between Washington and New York.

You are looking at the Baltimore BeltLine, which leads to the Howard Street Tunnel. The single track Baltimore Belt Line serves as a bottleneck for freight and many proposals are discussed for expanding it.

The avid railfan can exit the light rail at North Ave and walk up to North Ave and take a photo. To date, the bridge still has favorable photographic conditions (lack of chain link fencing). A small parking lot is available at North Ave. Spring and fall after 1pm is the best time to visit this location. This location is challenging due to timing of trains and parking.

GPS Coordinates: 39°18’40.0″N 76°37’17.1″W

Safety Note: Railfans should exercise caution if visiting this area. Recommendations include traveling in groups if possible and keeping cameras hidden until needed. Maintain situational awareness at all times. The use of a scanner is highly recommended to determine when trains are coming. Set your scanner to scan all railroad frequencies or consult Radio Reference for specific frequencies.