Alton Illinois Fatality


Regrettably, the Chicago Tribute reports a 50 year old man has been killed by a St. Louis bound Amtrak train. Lawrence Meyer was walking on the railroad when the train hit him. Results of alcohol and drug tests are pending.

First of all, condolences to his family and friends. Such a tragic and preventable loss of life is truly saddening. It cannot be said enough, do not walk on the train tracks. Trains are large, fast moving objects. They cannot stop on a time, and they never will be able to. The laws of physics prevent it. Even crossing the tracks at an approved crossing should be done with caution.

Some would say it is Darwinism at work, since we do have a choice rather or not to walk on the tracks, but it would be really incredible to one day see the end of these needless deaths involving train vs car and train vs people.

Respect the Railroad, DO NOT TRESSPASS.