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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by AMoreira81
Yesterday in Newport, RI, I saw and shot this train, led by GE 44-ton locomotive #6. My question is, based on the serial number of the locomotive (which is #31112), how can I find out the locomotive's history?

Information is appreciated. I had heretofore thought the track was abandoned.
  by GP40MC1118
#6 was acquired August 2004.

It was built at Hampton & Branchville 43, then sold to Brandford
Steam Railroad 6 via G. Silcott (dealer). Renumbered to 7356.


  by wereswaldo1
Thinking about taking a few pictures of the dinner train:

I was looking the widows local live pictures and it looks like of most the tracks run along side a miltary base. Not being from the area, are you allowed to drive on northgate rd and the defense hwy with out being hasseled?

Hope it doesnt sound like a shaddee question. :wink:


  by K9MEL
I used to volunteer with The Old Colony & Newport Railway. There is a road called Burma Road or Berma Road that runs from the edge of Portsmouth to the edge of Newport. Ask someone how to get to Melville marina in Portsmouth. It's off of Rt. 114 on the right hand side if you are heading southbound (to Newport). It is a road after the entrance for Portsmouth Abby. It runs all the way past the Navy Piers and carrier's Forestall ans Saratoga. Good Luck just Google Melville Marina.

  by K9MEL
Oh by the way they use these freqs.:

CH. 19: 160.395
CH. 26: 160.500

  by ewh
If you use the Burma Road you can "chase" the trains because their speed limit is the same as a slow person jogging. But, remember that the Burma Road is still part of the Navy Base and if you exceed the 35 mph speed limit you will be stopped by federal police and be up in front of a federal magistrate. I use the road just to get to Newport and always put the car on cruise control. The Navy is supposedly going to transfer the road and water front property to the towns of Middletown and Portsmouth [even though the Navy Base is being expanded], so eventually the railroad will run through housing developments, marinas, and strip malls. Get pictures now while it is open space. The town fathers and mothers are salivating at the prospect of the land involved.

  by Mattydred

Like the Island's not already crowded. Jeez.