• Newark-Marion Railroad (Railway), Marion Railroad Corp.

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Historynerd
I am working on a presentation about the Newark-Marion RR, a short line, that ran from Newark NY to Marion NY from approx. 1900 to 1985. I have quite a bit of information about the founding and a few things about the ending but not much from 1930-1950. I am particularly interested in the war years but anything would be great.
Can you direct me to resources about this? I have the Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern "Travelelectric" book, I have read "The Semaphore" article online, and also a nice piece by Christopher Baker about his memories of the line.

If you can point me in other directions, that would be cool. I hope to make this into a booklet for our local museum in the future.
  by BR&P
Operated by Ontario Midland Railroad Corp 10-01-79 of end of service. Last train departed Marion very early July 1984., engine 40, 1 empty refrigerator car, caboose C2621.
  by TB Diamond
Photographed N&M operations back in the 1970s a few times and rode on the locomotive once Marion-Newark.

Kindly PM me should you care for some info and photos.
  by lvrr325
Prior to OMID, the Pennsylvania RR took over the line and it was run by the PRR, then Penn Central, then Conrail. I have seen some photos on Facebook in possibly a Penn Central group of operations on the line with an SW1 and perhaps 5 cars in the train.
  by BR&P
Here's a crossing inventory, with mileposts. The printout itself is dated 1990 but the line was long gone by then. So just figure this is very late in the line's life. Also, sometimes road names are changed over time so you may or may not find a discrepancy or two compared to today's highways..

Stebbins Road 1.75
Townline Road 3.35
Hydesville Road 4.06
Farm 4.30
Lyons Road 4.77
Farm 6.60
Farm 6.90
Smith Road 7.30
Farm 7.80
Mill Street 8.05
Main Street 8.25
Farm 8.40
Buffalo Street 8.50
Cemetery Road 8.75
Drive 9.00

Crossings were all either passive protection (public roads) or unprotected (farm crossings). No lights or gates.