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  by ExCon90
According to track diagrams of Manhattan Transfer and Journal Square as revised to 1928, both main line trains to Jersey City and H&M trains shared two tracks (equipped with third rail -- and which received AC catenary, when its time came) from the east end of Manhattan Transfer to just west of Journal Square, at which point the main line tracks diverged to the outside, passing north and south of the H&M tracks and platforms at Journal Square, where Jersey City trains did not stop. At the point of divergence, the third rail stayed with the H&M tracks on the inside, and the two outside tracks are designated "eastward steam" and "westward steam," respectively.
  by strench707
Does anyone have any pictures of what these color signals look like in and around NYP? I would really like to see some pics and if someone could explain what indications they can now display that'd be awesome!