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  by Head-end View
Does anyone know when SIRT's 30 year old R-44(?) cars are slated for replacement? I haven't had a front window ride on SIRT since the last of the old cars circa 1972. If they were to re-equip with new R-160's maybe I could get a "new" head-end ride, since their cab door windows can be seen thru at least in daylight. :wink:

  by jtrain22
The SIR R44 will get replaced with the R179s in 2015.
  by XBNSFer
Make that R211s in 2022. :-D
  by Allan
XBNSFer wrote: Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:03 pm Make that R211s in 2022. :-D
The cars will be known as R211S. These cars will have cab signaling rather than CBTC which will be in R211A and RR211T mainline subway cars. There will be 75 of the R211S cars. Car numbers TBA.

A test train for SIR is scheduled for August 2022. If all goes well, then delivery will commence in latter 2023 into 2024.

The above is , of course, an estimate. Anything can happen when new car orders are involved