• New NS Bridges Over Broadway - Depew, NY (Pictures)

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SimTrains
Perhaps you saw my last post, I was out with my camera along the Southern Tier line, so I decided to se what is up with the new bridge project over broadway. Check it out:

A view from where I parked along broadway

Thay have track layed right up to the bridge, but just ties on the bridge for now

This is looking the opposite way - from the bridge

This is the second bridge, no rail or ties her yet

And between the two spans, hello!!!!!

Another view of the second bridge, I always did wonder what was under the road bed on rail bridges

Thats all fo now, anybody know the timetable for this project? Doesn't seem like it will be long now before we see these bridges operational.

  by bwparker1
What is happening to trains that are supposed to be using these bridges currently, are they being detoured somewhere or is there an adjacent bridge that will be taken down once these become operational?


  by SimTrains
The current bridge is about 100 feet away, it was built in the 1940's I beleave. It will come down once these are finished, the problem is that they are widening the road below, and below the old bridge is to narrow.

  by thannon
I can only wonder- there must be a large percentage of old bridges on the Tier and its feeders which will need replacement or serious repair soon. (Mother of all the Portage Viaduct). Wonder if Rudy H. will give any news on plans to work on these?

Tom H>

  by smph50
Hey Adam! Great Photos! I thought for sure that they were going to double track the NS bridge, It sure looks wide enough. On a side note, who ever is paying for the bridges they really did a great job on the concrete abutments. Instead of just plain steel forms for the pour they used ones that made the concrete look like huge cut stone, just like in the old days. I wonder who's influence caused that? Wouldn't it be cool if they "logoed" the spans with their respective road names? S' Scott H.


  by thebigham
Thanks for the pictures!

During this reconstruction, they also tore down the Broadway Rd. bridge over an old row.

Is it true that Transit Rd is being widend south of Walden Ave?


  by SST
If they really did tear down a bridge over a railroad then I bet its the NYC Gardenville line. I haven't driven over it in a very long time because traffic is terrible. But, the last time I went through the area the bridge was still there but construction was right up against the NYC row and bridge.