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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by dwil89
A Railfan from the West Slope near Johnstown has started a live 24hr Scanner Feed that covers the NS West Slope from Cresson to Conpitt..MP 248-290. Some talk on Sand Patch can be heard....Hopefully it will be added to Railroadradio.net forums if they approach him on it, but in the meantime, anyone can listen to it by pulling up their media player on their computer...then clicking files from the media page which should open a window to type in the following url: Do not type this on as a normal web search...type it in on Media player page. I had to upload a new version of Realplayer because my Windowsmediaplayer would not pull it up...Interesting listening.....Dave Williams @ [email protected]
  by dwil89
The West Slope Scanner Feed is still going strong...Link posted in posts above....The feed is based out of Johnstown,Pa so the strongest transmissions are around the Conemaugh area, though transmissions can be heard as far East as MO and UN in the Cresson area, and as far West as Conpitt...Activity on the South Fork Secondary can also be heard (80MAC territory)The host also has Sand Patch dialed in, as well as activity on the Mon line. Its nice to listen to Eastbound trains stopping in Conemaugh for helpers and listening to the head end give tonnage and car counts....Some Coaldrags have been heard with tonnage over 17,000 tons....Dave Williams @ [email protected]

  by jmp883
A great feed.....been listening for the last 4 or 5 hours now. All I had to do was to upgrade my RealPlayer to the most current version. I would imagine that the radio traffic on the East Slope between Altoona and AR is just as active as the West Slope.

Many thanks to the railfan who put this feed up. :-D
  by dwil89
I usually have it on for a few hours a day myself...In the morning before heading to work, and then in the evening as a backdrop to my Web surfing...Of course the chatter on the feed will depend upon the traffic levels at that particular time...A lull will mean not much talk, but when its busy, you'll hear trains calling Signals anywhere between Conpitt and Cresson...as well as talk between the Pittsburgh East Dispatcher and Road and Helper Crews, as well as MOW and Trackcars...atmospheric conditions seem to affect the scanner pickup also on some days, the range is better than others...I have been listening to it for a month and it is interesting to keep tabs on things out on the West Slope in between visits there. Dave Williams @ [email protected]