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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by johnpbarlow
NH Northcoast won a $4.6M CRISI grant from the FRA:
New Hampshire – New Hampshire Northcoast Infrastructure Project (Multiple Opportunity Zones)
Up to $4,562,905 New Hampshire Northcoast Railroad

Comprises four components along the New Hampshire Northcoast’s (NHN) Railroad mainline between Ossipee and Rollinsford, New Hampshire, and Eastern Propane Gas’s (EPG) property in North Rochester, New Hampshire. The first component replaces approximately 20,000 ties and replaces four miles of continuous welded rail and associated ballast work; the second equips one locomotive with positive train control (PTC) and three locomotives with Cab Signal Systems; the third upgrades two grade crossings; and the fourth builds two rail spurs, one at the EPG facility and the other along the NHN mainline.
Q: Given NHN power on DOBO-BODO runs through to Boston via MBTA, it's clear why at least one NHN unit needs PTC but I'm unclear why any NHN locomotives would require cab signals if they're only running on MBTA's Northside lines?

Aside: I didn't realize that NHN was owned by Boston Sand & Gravel: http://www.nhnorthcoast.com/
  by Safetee
30 or so branny new NHN sand/gravel hoppers in east deerfield yard. They could be new design as well as I have not seen this exact type of vehicle before. very striking design with coal car black paint and white lettering. and of course a few have been already sacrificed to the on line artists for modification before the owner gets to see them.
  by Trainman14
I normally post on the LIRR thread but I have to report that GP9 1757 is in the process of being scrapped😪
  by Who
I didn't know if CSX was going to have NHN handle the entire run. A lot of training would be involved for that to happen.
  by NHV 669
Training aside, I assume it would still require more than one crew on the days that BODO returns north and a new train from the pit returns south to become DOBO, especially if they're also switching cars not bound for BS&G. Better off passing that issue onto CSX as they are handling the end destination.
  by Trinnau
The full round-trip is 2 crews. One on the NHN side (Dover-Ossipee-Dover), one on the Pan Am side (Dover-Boston-Dover). Last I knew there was some talk about this even before the merger, at least on the NHN side. Pan Am has a habit of using crews to go do something more pressing for the moment, so if it was an NHN train the whole way there would be no question of the crew would go to Boston and return as they couldn't re-crew EDPO or do Portsmouth work instead. Qualification-wise, last I knew NHN had some former Pan Am train crew that at one point were qualified to on the Boston leg. So not a big lift.
  by stevefol
Do they back the loaded train into BSG, or wye the power? 3525 still on the front heading back. And how do they turn the power at Ossipee? I see no wye there.
  by NHN503
Turning is done in Boston at the request of the NHN DSLE. There's no way to turn at Ossipee, hey just run around the train in the pit.
  by Jonathan
So, I am interested in chasing this railroad in the near future, what are the best days/times to go and what are some good crossings to go and how many shots can you get per run?
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