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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by GP40MC 1116
Today at around 14:50, NNH derailed about 6-8 cars at Acton Ridge Road in Wakefield NH. At this time no injury's have been reported.. More Details to follow as the time goes on.

  by b&m 1566
How bad was the derailment and did the cars end up on there sides or just jump off the track? Any word as to what might have caused it?

  by Dick H
TV9 had a live report on the 6:00PM news. At least seven cars on their sides. Crossing protection knocked over. Tracks torn up big time. No sign of any clean-up equipment yet. Reporter stated it appears that a culvet damaged in the flood last month failed and cleanup and restoration of service to take several days.

NHN has done a lot of business with R.J. Corman on track work in the past. It will be interesting to see if Corman or GRS/PAR does the cleanup. Another list reported that seven of the eight cars involved are the 400 series and one 300 series.

Dick H

  by Dick H
R.J. Corman working late tonight to remove the last of the derailed cars. Go to the following URL for pics at the cleanup.

Hopefully, track repairs can get underway on Thursday, so service can get restored next week.

Dick H

  by GP40MC 1116
Posting Part of a Post that was put on the NEGS thread referring to Ex NEGS and now NHN # 503
bm1838 wrote:My father picked up spare traction motors for the NHN that were in Concord Yard ( They came with the 503).....

When he dropped them off at ossipee he got to ask Kevin who runs NHN some questions we have been waiting to here.

The 503 is at the NHN's shop getting minor work done too it now. They tested the generator yesterday and there was no short like they had believed to be. They are redoing the cab floor on the short hood of the unit, then doing some other minor work. Then the 503 will run every night with the GP38s to Boston...

The 1757 is only allowed to run on NHN mainline, because it has a short in the main generator. It usually goes to Rochester every night.....
Once the NHN gets the 503 running they are going to pull the 1757 in and rebuilt the generator which will be a long process for the NHN.... So you might not see it till spring if they start it this fall....

Well hope that helps.

Also I got word that they are deciding what they are going to do to replace the 10 gravel cars that got wrecked.... They got a price of 70k a piece to rebuild them, 80k a piece to buy brand new cars, and 17k for 10 slightly used cars in Texas, so they are trying to make there decision. More than likely the 10 wrecked cars that are still at Burleyville will get scrapped...

Hope that helps


  by b&m 1566
Is the 503 up and running yet or are they still working on it?

  by NHN503
The 503 is back running, but so far has yet to leave the enginehouse area.

  by NHN503
November 8, when the empty gravel train was exiting the Conway branch and entering the "runner" to get into Ossipee Pit 4 to 5 Gravel cars were derailed and dragged about 1/4 of a mile down the tracks.

Should be repaired by Monday.

  by mc367
When has the NHN been running recently?

Also, are they using the exNEGS/NHN 503 and if so when/where?


  by Dick H
The two GP38s continue to be the usual power on the NHN trains. The 1757 did make one run to Boston between the two 38s this past week, as the 3825 was having major wheel slip problems and probably just went along for the ride as the lead unit.

A post on another list says that the ex-NEGS 503 is up and running, but has not left the engine house area as of yet.


  by NHN503
NHN has been running 6 days a week so far.

And yes as posted here before 503 is running, but not left the engine house area so far.

  by b&m 1566
Do you know if the 503 (if it still number 503?) was painted in NHN colors or is it still spotting NEGS paint?

  by GP40MC 1116
I believe the Ex NEGS 503 is still in the engine house receiving work. For train service all I have seen or heard about is just the normal NHN 3823-3825-1757

Also on a small side track, what ended up happening to the GP-9 # 1756?

Last I heard about it was at Pan Am Railways shops in Waterville, ME

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?20070 ... 618584.jpg
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