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  by oibu
Thanks Casey. Yes, I knew about the logistics side of things, just wasn't sure how frequently it actually happens. Haven't yet managed to be lucky enough to catch one of these moves, there are some great shots on the ex B&M and MEC between Hazens and Groveton.
  by NHV 669
While NHCR no longer operates west of Whitefield, I figured this was the proper forum to post for the former Berlin Branch, as they were the last named operator. While reading an article on Littleton's redevelopment of it's river district, I came across the following this morning:
Littleton Record wrote:
This week, after being in the works for several years, the town was approved for the Rails to Trails program, which turns former railroad beds in communities into recreational trails.....

...."The goal is to remove all the rails by the end of the year." said Town Manager Andrew Dorsett
  by b&m 1566
The state just had a public meeting about that, this past Sunday, NHDOT hired Alta Planning and Design to study the entire state over the last year, I'd imagine that was one of the areas of focus.
New Hampshire Bike Plan
  by NHV 669
Another forum, focused specifically on the trail here in town, is to take place sometime early next month, with the time, date, and location TBA.
  by NHV 669
A well timed upset stomach, and subsequent sick day allowed me to travel the line late this morning, after learning that 1751 had been left at Hazens Saturday afternoon.

I missed the run north but caught then southbound at Perras Lumber, running light engine. Got one shot of them, across from the Colonel Town fields in Lancaster, with this neat old set of crossbucks.

I was told this is it for Whitefield movements for the year, but that the winter drops will now occur up by Ed's HQ, instead of Presby's property in Berlin.
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  by NHV 669
Still no word from the town of Littleton, but the NH Trails brushcutter set up for rail passage was parked in the open lot next to the end of track at Industrial Park Road as of 1545 today when I left work.
  by NHV 669
After an early release from work, I drove down to the Industrial Park Road crossing, where the brush cutter was actively working. They finished up before 1545, and have gotten to the western side of Deer Court, seen in the first photo.
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  by NHV 669
Today's Caledonian Record has a front page story regarding the future trail. It indicates that it will be done in three phases, with current end of track to the former Littleton Depot being stage I, to be completed by the start of next fall. They will stop just prior to Wing Road with a "park to be constructed there".

There was no mention of further expansion towards Whitefield. Chris Gamache, head of the Bureau of trails, expects salvage activity to begin "sometime this month, hopefully."

The brush cutter was working east of Apthorp, as of two days ago, per my own observation.
  by toolmaker
Will they be extending the ATV trail through Littleton from the current location?
  by NHV 669
That is the plan, as stated in the above post. This was info given out at a public meeting, on 10/29, at the Littleton Senior Center. There was a couple who objected, (quoted in the Caledonian article about the meeting) mainly over their opinion that [minimal] all-terrain traffic on a dead end trail would destroy their "right" to peace and quiet in the downtown area.

The existing stretch starting west of Industrial Park Drive sees at best, maybe 10+/- vehicles w/ trailers parked and riding at a time during peak summer hours, along with the adaptive sports folks riding their non-motorized equipment. This isn't like northern Coos County, which is infested with these rigs running the main roads and trails.

One of our moderators, Ian, stated elsewhere this afternoon that NHDOT currently lacks the funds to commence salvage operations, so I'll have to simply observe and wait.
  by bigfreight
Maine Track Works is working south of Groveton. They have been working south of the first crossing on US 3 and last week Pike and the NHCR resurfaced the 2nd crossing on US 3. Maine Tracks Works boom truck came thru Lancaster at 0730 this morning headed south. There are 2 pieces of rail at the Page Hill Road crossing laying along side the track. Maybe they are getting ready to replace the crossing. It is in pretty bad shape. Saw the Sperry Rail Service truck going thru Lancaster yesterday not sure what they are up to.
  by NHV 669
Went "way up north" yesterday. Passed HQ enroute to Pittsburg, 7324 was parked outside with a former B&M box as a spacer and a small cut of tanks near the Rymes depot. Plenty of tanks about the yard, but noticed a good size string of covered hoppers (around 10?) obscured behind a few tracks of tanks passing by. Maybe cars in for work? Bundles of new ties have been dropped along portions of the Whitefield section, headed south out of Groveton.
  by svobronco
Those hoppers have been there since last fall IIRC. I'd say they're salt cars, judging by the amount of rust on them.
Have they run any cars to Presby this year???
  by NHV 669
I haven't been up there since spring 2019, so that makes sense. I haven't heard of any runs so far this year.
  by bigfreight
August 10th thru the 12th the NHCR ,Town Of Lancaster, Maine Track works replaced the crossing on Page Hill Road. It was long overdue for it
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