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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by thebigham
I'm sure the NHC is still bringing pellets to Hazens. The state spent a lot of money rebuilding that line.

  by b&m 1566
I know last summer the hoppers were just left on the Mt. Division Line for off loading but is there any plans for a siding to be constructed?
  by CN9634
So whats the deal with NHC buying up 2 GP9s? First they bought the Housantonic GP9 and now they bought a P&W GP9E. Whats the purpose of these units? Are they going to strip them for Goats like the SLR GP9s? Are they going to use them on some sort of service?
  by Dick H
There is a picture of the ex-HRRC GP9 1802, still in P&W colors, parked near the P&W shop in Worcester in the NERAIL archives. Information below the picture states that the 1802 is there for a wheel changeout before heading to the new owner.

A bit of speculation on my part is that at least the 1802 will see service on the NHCR inasmuch as they are putting new wheels under it. As for the 7324, that unit had a fire on the HRRC. I have never seen any details how much damage was done by the fire. Time will tell what the NHCR is up to...

  by GP40MC 1116
Does anyone know the scoop with the New Hampshire Central?? Fast Track Railroad Consultants LLC out of Lincoln, NH shows the 1732 for sale here:

At this time, I saw on NERAIL they have purchased the ex Housatonic GP-9 # 7324
http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?photo ... 117409.jpg

As well as the ex Providence & Worcester and ex Housatonic GP-9E #1802
http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?photo ... 317656.jpg

Any information is much apprecaited
  by rjones2
I saw the former HRRC GP9 in North Stratford this past weekend. What are the plans for the railroad-- why two engines? Also, why are they getting rid of the GP-16? Is there more potential business for them up there? How much impact has been felt since the STL&A lost the Berlin and Groveton mills?
  by Fritz
Yesterday my daughter and Abigail did some exploring of the Nulhegan
River east to its confluence with the Connecticut River in North
Stratford. Along the way, we noted that there were the 20-30 covered hoppers parked on the siding in the
yard at Island Pond and the 24 ACFX/PLCX covered hoppers and three
ACFX tank cars spotted on the siding at North Stratford. While we
were there, the New Hampshire Central crew came down from the their
facility in North Stratford and picked up first nine and then the
remaining 18 covered hoppers and took them north on their line. After
arriving at their yard, they switched to the rear of each cut and
pushed them north up their line towards Columbia Falls, where they
have many (>100-200) covered hoppers (mostly GMRC, PLCX, and NAHX) and
boxcars stored currently. I guess storing cars is their other major
source of income in addition to rebuilding and painting boxcars for
the SLR (there were no cars spotted at Ryme's, which I think is their only active customer). According to the person in their office, they actually are
still quite busy, despite the downturn in the economy and the closing
of many of the local mills. Interestingly they were using their new
ex-Housatonic hi-hood GP9 7324. There was another locomotive stored
in their shop building, but I did not get a good view of it. I noted on FastTrackRR.com that the NHCR GP16 1732 is reported as having been sold and the ex-PWRR GP9E 1802, which was reportedly bought by the NHCR, was for sale. Hopefully we'll get back down that way again soon.
Have a good day,
28 miles from the NHCR in mostly cloudy and cold Newark, Vermont
  by rjones2
Could you tell me more about this customer? Is there any updated status on plans for the VRS to make way to Whitefield? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
  by rjones2
And what is the status with Presby? Are they receiving cars at all? Will the track be realigned/any extra work done for them?
  by bigfreight
They came down to Lancaster today with 7324 and moved the boxcars around that were on the siding below Page Hill Rd. They blocked the crossing at Page Hill Road a few times with a pretty good cuts of box cars. The old Geep sounded pretty good. When it was all said and done they went north with 3 emptys from Presby Plastics and 2 Columbus & Greenville Boxcars and a brown boxcar with SLR markings.
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