• Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by shepaug
This place I think causes my alleged disease. I wrote a long post. Went to try to attach an image and it will not take but 3 but just froze at #4.(300k) Then my whole post vanished before I could c/c/p. I found salvation somewhere but spent a half hour trying to find a SUBMIT object/link but zero luck. So did submit 3 images but my post never got there. GO BACKAWARDS with computer and found another copy and c/c/p and released it in my email box to save and a nightmare as it seems to save the whole page with a cc/p the a whole NE RailFAN page now sits in my email as an email message. (sent to myself to try to save) C/C/P of that produces more saving images and all kinds of stuff. hmmm got to figure out that problem with c/c/p in email boxes. Google Chrome and Windows 8.1.
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  by shepaug

Will try to dig a post from the grave...
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  by shepaug
ok..a shovel and luck...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wow..you answered almost before I posted the last post. Another guilty post with very very general questions seeking more detailed answers. I turn the computer on in a very short time slot before I have to run.


Honestly I enjoy very scarce info on railroads almost lost to history. Like this link https://saveitforparts.wordpress.com/pr ... of-alaska/ Not my own site and involving elsewhere.

o-the years start to go by. That Lake Willoughby area 'Vermont' seems unique. In winter much colder than elsewhere..like Adirondack area New York.. Beautiful in Summer.

A lot of old tales about a lake with no bottom and 'sea serpents'. Stagecoach sinks there and shows up elsewhere in Vermont. (lake has no outlet) Anyway my grandmother's people were there long long ago.

All I know I was there short time a few years ago and got the impression things were less developed than prior. Department store gone etc. Nothing looked new. St. Johnsbury/Lyndonwille..busy bustling Westmore.... Along Rt 5a one would sleep in a tent and listen to the truck traffic all night. (on land by rt 5a) The trains in the distance. Lake Willoughby some years ago has active night spots..night clubs..etc. I'd guess the Interstate took things away.

Newport seemed much more active in last visit.

I did see some old article about a private railroad in Newport. I have to try to find that.

I saw one map that showed a rail line branching off o9f the line to Stansted, Quebec ? Also another line branching off at Derby Vt. ?? There seems no info on the Stanstead branch.

The rail shops in Newport sit there rotting now.

My memory was guilty as to New Hampshire and north/south. I meant the line one sees connecting the Mountain Line BM to south NH.
  by shepaug
Just a lost link... https://www.bmrrhs.org/minutemantales

Videos I am sure most are aware of..

I often note where are old railroad pictures ANYWHERE !!! Take any area state and wonder about pictures of old branch lines and past customers etc. Old passenger trains ? I used to use slides in their time and bring out years later ? Decompose to terrible.
  by NHV 669
The area around lake Willoughby is very nice, have caught a few trains up that way, including a very brisk 7 degree January day. CP isn't really doing anything in Newport, and no longer bases a crew there.

Vermont doesn't seem to be keen on development, but that's another topic for another day.

The other line you're probably referring to is the stretch between Woodsville and Plymouth. That has been gone since 1957 excluding a stretch west/south of Woodsville that was pulled around 1982.
  by Red Wing
NHV 669 wrote: Wed Oct 26, 2022 2:44 pm The mainline north of Manchester never connected to the Mountain Division, it stopped at the Lincoln Mill 30+ miles south and below the Notch.... kind of hard to put a railroad through the middle of a mountain range.
There was the Boston, Concord and Montreal that went from Plymouth to Woodsville which connected to the White Mountains Line then to the Mountain Division. Admittedly a round about route.
  by NHV 669
Right, but it seemed like an odd question, given that through connection has been gone for 65 years, longer than most of us posting on this forum have been alive. Even the section to Blackmount has been a trail longer than I've been alive.
  by ericofmaine
Maybe its me, but I got the impression he was referring to the Conway Branch?

  by NHV 669
Which has also been severed as a through route 50 years as of next week.
  by shepaug
hey..time goes by !!!! I was wandering around up there taking pictures late 60's..70's... 2022 now ? New Hampshire no North/Sound or East/West. Island Pond VT to Portland still exists I guess.

Once Rails to Trails was to preserve ROW's for the return of trains when bankrupt railroads recovered. Trails about as interesting as walking your local Interstate.
  by NHV 669
shepaug wrote: Mon Nov 07, 2022 9:25 pmIsland Pond VT to Portland still exists I guess.
To Danville Junction, they haven't been south of there in 5 or 6 years now. They haven't been able to reach Portland since the swing bridge burned almost 40 years ago.
  by shepaug
Original post was wondering about whether there is still any rail connection between North New Hampshire and South.

I jumped on it without any reference material and seems I got mixed up with the line to Lincoln vs. the New Hampshire Northern.(?) There is that sand pit of some kind on line from Concord north BUT any 'through' ability ? grrr Conway Scenic and Wolfboro and Mountain Division and ?? grrr Vermont-New Hampshire Railroad...

Now I see there is the Vermont Railroad there. http://www.newenglandsouthernrailroad.com/ hmmmm ?

Vermont Railway interest ?

Was watching some videos of the Boston and Maine into the 1970's and seems much of theirs lines in NH were lucky to be able to run anything at 5mph (yes..5 mph) Bankruptcy.
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  by NHV 669
The gravel pit is on the NHN, not the line north of Concord. VRS purchased NEGS and its assets a few years ago, 3M in Tilton is still the lone active customer. That line does not directly connect to any of the other lines mentioned, nor did it ever.

The NHN line branches off to the pit, and goes a bit further north past their shops, but is not active north of Ossippee, as that connection (to present day Conway Scenic) has been abandoned for over 50 years. The Wolfeboro RR came off that line, but did not connect to the line from Concord, nor did it ever. Conway Scenic doesn't connect to anyone but the NH Central line up to Groveton.

The New Hampshire-Vermont railroad went belly up at the end of 1999. Everything they operated aside from the Whitefield-Groveton segment is abandoned, OOS, or torn up.

NHN, CVRTC, and the P&L all have their own threads on this subforum, there's no need to post links to their websites.