• Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by NHV 669
Perhaps they're referring to this land? Next to exit 28, I-93.
  by MRY
MRY wrote: Sun Aug 07, 2022 11:02 am Not sure what some of this has to do w/NH but there is discussion on a FB page ("Pemi Branch") about hauling salt to Campton NH.

That first line should have read:

Not sure what some of this threads previous discussion has to do w/NH but there is an interesting discussion on a FB page ("Pemi Branch") about hauling salt to Campton NH.
  by MRY
NHV 669 wrote: Mon Aug 08, 2022 4:32 pm Perhaps they're referring to this land? Next to exit 28, I-93.
Could be on either side of Route 49 IMHO. Doesn't look like theres a lot going on at the old Campton Sand and Gravel/Persons Concrete site these days. There used to be a runaround track north of Route 49 - back in the 70's the Goodwin RR guys let me ride from Ashland to Campton to pick up stone a couple of times and they used it.
  by wally
MRY wrote: Tue Aug 09, 2022 8:57 am Goodwin RR guys let me ride from Ashland to Campton to pick up stone a couple of times and they used it.
the Bates', of Weaver Brothers.
  by NHN503
The lot in question is East of Owl St. between it and 93. Its 2 lots, and the second is zoned residential due to the house and required additional review to merge that into the commercial lot. I believe that was approved last Monday.
  by MRY
Wow, never thought there'd be "real" freight north of Concord again in my lifetime (I am almost 60 now). One or two transloadable tanks for 3M and occasional military moves that could have been loaded at a more southern location don't count - sorry. Of course this deal is not done yet. I lived in Ashland during the "original" Lincoln mill decline and the one or two(?) restarts with Wolfboro and Goodwin hauling the goods. I don't know what's done with all the trash up there these days (landfills are closed IIRC), maybe trash trains are next - there's certainly a lot of compatible locations where the loading could be done (ex-Bridgewater Power, ex-Campton Sand and Gravel, likely several places just north of Concord, etc.)
  by NHV 669
Mt. Carberry in Berlin, and the Trudeau Road landfill a few miles from me in Bethlehem are both still open, as well as the one in Rochester.
  by Feynman
A lot of the future of trash in NH will depend on how the Casella proposal for a new landfill in Dalton goes. That being said, In The short term I could see them loading the ash from the Concord incinerator fir shipment to out of state, maybe even on site.

In other NH tidbits
Coastal forest products in bow is looking at an expansion to include more rail capacity
  by shepaug
I get these 'railroad related' emails and one was about some new railroad federal funding and New Hampshire and funds going to Ossipee area. I just spent 500 years looking for that info again with no luck. Maybe it was related to something 10-15 years ago.

Is this link interesting ? (maybe posted it already)

https://www.nh.gov/dot/org/aerorailtran ... ervice.pdf

What got my attention when it talked about Pan Am in New Hampshire and freight speeds to 40 mph ??!!! I bet if anything is passable it is down to 10 mph. My gripe about wonderful Guilford is about every line goes to 10 mph and then gets abandoned.

PanAm New Hampshire sold to MBTA ?

White River Jct talk. An old one right ?? !! Looking at a map I just think it is dumb to abandon that line.

I see comments by the population for more rail trails. Come on..rail will never return... #1 what side are they on ? What if rail got the support the roads get ?

I tried to save New Hampshire railroads from NH-GOV page and ironic it is too small to read but magnified a little and despite very blurry

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmZu7wUq4-5hgsMW67Q ... w?e=8zepNm On Microsoft OneDrive 'save images'.....

Sure..all that is still active...

Down in Connecticut and just trying to keep up to the railroads and naturally the thought..what is happening in NH !!!

  by NHN503
  by shepaug
What ?

Found that CRISI? information and posted on a link of mine.

Probably well known but just saw some funding for New Hampshire Northcoast and it was 2020 I think.

Connecticut where rail freight almost does not exist applications for the federal funding ? Some minor cosmetics at a small passenger station. Mention railroad here and the population thinks WHAT ? Nobody applies for such funding. Probably would have gotten it.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmZu7wUq4-5hgsMaZO6 ... w?e=tfK2PM

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmZu7wUq4-5hgsMaZO6 ... w?e=tfK2PM =========
  by NHV 669
What WRJ line are you referring to?

The NHDOT rail map you tried to link is already available in the maps thread, at the top of the New England Railfan subforum on page 3 of that thread (updated 2017). Not much is different 5 years later, with the exception of the state-owned tracks no longer existing to the Littleton town line. All of the other lines shown are still active/in business. With the exception of the Conway Branch, most of what is shown in black isn't just inactive, but long since ripped up and converted to trails.
  by shepaug
Quick question ? I simply wonder if the line from Manchester 'north' still connects to the old Mountain Line' from Portland to Vermont ?? (general no map lookup question) Ya know...rail connection north-south in NH)

It seems the 'White River Line" is gone to trail now.

I used to visit (decades ago +) my Grandmother in NorthEastern Vermont between Newport and St.Johnsbury and stay camping in the summer etc. Still recall hearing the freights at night going South-North between the above. Hard to think all that is gone.

The only WalMart was way over in Littleton NH. Newport still had trains direct NORTH. (from downtown)

I was up there a few years ago and I swear no development of much of anything except minus. Wonder where people get jobs !!!
  by NHV 669
The mainline north of Manchester never connected to the Mountain Division, it stopped at the Lincoln Mill 30+ miles south and below the Notch.... kind of hard to put a railroad through the middle of a mountain range.

The White River Line (Northern Railroad) has been a trail for what, almost 30 years now? between Lebanon and Boscawen. I'm assuming that's the one you're referring to, since everything else in WRJ is active, including the stub of the Northern that still serves a few customers at Westboro.

The line between Newport and St. Johnsbury definitely isn't gone..... it's active 5 days a week, decently maintained, and has added online customers in the last 10 or so years. CP rerouting bridge traffic west of VT hurt their traffic levels, but the route isn't dead. I just drove Route 5 along side it last weekend.

Not sure where you went on that recent trip, but as someone who lives here, there's plenty of ongoing development, and ironically, nobody can seem to hire fast enough.
  by shepaug
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