• New green switcher looks like C-415!

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I must be missing something. when I open the link, all I get is a blank page, on a PDF file. are you sure there is something there ? :(

Actually, I do have Adobe 6.0, already. I just clicked the link again, it takes a few seconds to open, then I get the Adobe page, but the page is blank. I get all of ther stuff, on the top and side, toolbars, and what-not, but the page is blank. I will guess you see it, Larry ? Not being a "computer guy" is probably the worst part of owning a computer. (SIGH :( )

  by Ol' Loco Guy

Go to the UP website and check the press release section. There is an item about new technology switching locomotives-one of which is the Green Goat and the other...

a new center cab switcher-built by NREC-that is powered by a pair of truck engines.

To my eye, the things bears an uncannny resemblance to ....an ALCO C415 of all things !!!!


  by Allen Hazen
The headlight/number-board combination has a distinctly SW-1500 look to it.
The trucks are Blombergs, and the fuel tank cross-section APPEARS to be similar to that of various small EMDs.
Use of Blomberg trucks, if you asked me on a cynical day, makes it look like Lionel's effort at a generic GE/Whitcomb/Midwest/Davenport... centercab from the 1930s. (Lionel, in their later years at least, used Blomberg trucks on all their diesels, including an Alco FA -- which, since there is a prototype for everything (Grin!) led to the publication of ... interesting ... photos of Rock Island hybrids.)
((Thanks for posting that: I was wondering what the silly things would look like!))

  by EDM5970
One of the trade journals reported that NRE was going to build the TES (Truck Engine Switcher) on EMD switcher frames. Although it does resemble the C-415, the cab on the TES is centered, while the C-415 was not quite centered, maybe 60/40.

  by Allen Hazen
Well, the silly thing HAS been built! Someone has posted photos of one, UPY 2005, in Proviso Yard, to the "Loco-notes" website. And guess what: it has an OFF-center cab! It looks as if one hood has an engine-generator set under it and the other has an engine-generator and something (something needing carbody vents) else, between the genset and the cab. The stack on this hood (both hoods have dinky narrow, truck-exhaust-style stacks) is significantly further from the cab than the one on the other hood.
Result: it DOES look asif the designer has been channeling the C-415.

  by mxdata
I wonder if they will talk it up as having "360 degree" visibility like ALCO did with the C415. The only 360 degree visibility on that unit was around the inside of the cab, especially in the low cab version.