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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by railridersrs
Been seeing a lot of "new" hopper cars lettered RBMN out here on the BNSF. How many have been aquired recently and does anyone know the ancestory of the cars?

  by TheAngryBrakeman
Coal hoppers? What exactly are you seeing? The blue panel cars that have RBMN lettering instead of the whole name spelled out?
  by railridersrs
no these are 2nd hand stuff...some quads, some triples, all in a mineral red paint...faded...with fresh RBMN lettering


  by RR_Fan
I think you are seeing the R&N's Sand Hoppers. If so, these are ex-Southern hoppers which are being used for Sand Service for Berks Products on the Pennsy Branch in Leesport, PA. The trains are run from Temple to Berks usually during the summer and the train usually has one unit of some sort (usually 6-axle type EMD Series). I'm pretty sure that these cars have 5 hoppers. The next time you see them look for the old SR lettering on them.

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Jeff Knadler
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  by railridersrs
Jeff: I am very familiar with the sand cars...these are not of Southern Heritage. Besides what would they be doing in coal service on the BN? Send me you e-mail addy to
[email protected]
and I'll send you what I was able to shoot.


  by TheAngryBrakeman
Before I left I heard they had bought about 100 used hoppers to start replacing the QIT fleet, ex Rio Grande stuff I think. One car came in but it was black, the rest were kept in captive service out west as lease cars.

The sand cars all left the property for good about 7 or 8 months ago, I was on the train that dropped them off in Reading. I remember they had come from the end of the Greenwood Ind. out near Coaldale and one had a *huge* hornet's nest in the eave of the car, it was bigger than a basketball. By the time we got to Reading they were so stirred up you couldn't even walk within 200 feet of the car. I don't remember who bought them, but they bought the whole bunch at the same time.