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I was surprised to not find a specific forum for Budd under Manufacturers! So many products and topics. I've searched Budd and will be moving some topics into the forum, and plan on starting some new topics as well.

There is a wiki page on Budd although it's somewhat disorganized, still plenty of good information:
  by nyandw
BUDD GT-1/2 GAS TURBINE CARS; ... necars.htm

Gas Turbine GT-1 at Ronkonkoma wye 9/12/1966 Archive: Dave Keller

Gas turbine GT-2 Mineola Photo: Steve Hoskins c.1970 the car is on the west leg of the old Mineola wye
(The GT-2 was tested November, 1969 to December, 1970 Re: John Scala)