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  • Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.
Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by Hux
newpylong wrote:I know - I used to live less than 10 miles from there.

They would never use rail to their door. The products come from too many sources and there is not enough volume. They would dray from an IM terminal.

The closest thing to a big box store using rail to door is Home Depot and their regional lumber warehouses.

Harvey Industries (adjacent to Marshal's) could certainly benefit from rail access.
  by GP40MC1118
Harvey Industries wouldn't use rail either. Down here is SE Mass, they bought the
former Colonial Beverage Warehouse on the Watuppa Branch in Dartmouth.
Promptly sealed up the rail unloading doors. They apparently allow Bay Colony to store
MW equipment on the siding though.

  by YamaOfParadise
Couple new(er) filings.

Filed Jan. 11 by Olin Corporation. (69 pages long... definitely short enough to be able to be put into a quotebox here.)

Filed Jan. 14 by the Town of Wilmington. (Not nearly as long as Olin's filing, but still several pages, so too long for me to quote.)

Filed Jan. 14 by the Wilmington Environmental Restoration Committee. (Also too long, like above.)

Filed Jan. 15 by MassDEP:
... MassDEP is very concerned about New England Transrail, LLC d/b/a Wilmington & Woburn Terminal Railway's (NET) lack of transparency concerning their proposed project.

The project's description has changed over the years and MassDEP believes it is appropriate for NET to fully set forth in detail the project, including engineering drawings depicting the placement of buildings and rail tracks, along with a description of the amounts and types of materials and wastes to be brought to the site, and the description of any processing to be conducted at the site. Without more detail about NET's project, MassDEP does not see how a proper environmental analysis can be conducted.

Specifically regarding EPA's letter, MassDEP has three other areas of concern. First, MassDEP notes that slurry wall (located along the perimeter of the containment area) has an unknown bearing capacity. MassDEP recommends a 50 foot buffer zone (or other specific delineated boundary) be instituted at the edges of the containment area to prevent any site redevelopment work from potentially damaging the slurry wall or temporary cap. MassDEP notes that the current configuration of New England Transrail, LLC' s proposed development appears to encroach on this proposed buffer zone if not the containment area itself.

Second, MassDEP agrees with EPA's recommendation to the Board that a more rigorous full Environmental Impact Statement, rather than an Environmental Assessment, is more appropriate for the Olin Site. It would be helpful if the level and type of coordination between the Office Environmental Analysis and EPA (meetings, updates, reports, etc,) be agreed to and explained prior to the commencement of the process.

Third, MassDEP asks EPA to clarify that if NET's redevelopment of the property interferes with the selected remedy for the site, then NET may take on liability for the remediation of the site.
  by johnpbarlow
NE Transrail, at the request of the STB, has filed an updated petition for exemption for Woburn/Wilmington transload facility to be built upon the former Olin Chemical property:

http://www.stb.dot.gov/filings/all.nsf/ ... 240974.pdf

Excerpt describing the project:
The Project will consist of three basic areas:
(1) The Northeast corner of the facility, which will contain tracks to unload center-beam and bulkhead flat cars to be transloaded onto trucks within a covered warehouse structure;
(2) The Center of the facility, which will contain interchange and transloading tracks allowing the unloading of tank and hopper cars; and
(3) The West side of the facility, which will contain interchange tracks and transloading tracks allowing the unloading of box cars into a cross-dock warehouse.

Here is a complete list of the construction activities that will take place at the contemplated Facility:

• 10,838' of new and rehabilitated track, adding to the 5727' of existing track to be acquired
• 1 mainline # 10 MBTA turnout;
• 23 Industry #8 turnouts;
• 12 Bumping posts;
• 6 HB Derails;
• Repair to the paving at the existing railroad crossings at Eames Street in the vicinity of the site;
• 65,000 square feet of at-grade warehouse with an enclosed truck loading area;
• 240,000 square feet of building (built in phases) as a cross-dock/warehouse transloading facility (60,000 of which would be temperature controlled) for
palleted and bagged products transloading from railcars to trucks;
• 1,135,000 square feet of paving for driveways for trucks to access the transloading buildings;
• Two truck scales and a rail scale to weigh trucks and railcars for purposes ofbilling and determine railcar loadings so as not to exceed rail load limitations;
• Site work, storm water control and utilities related to the foregoing;
• Transload racks, pumps and piping for transloading liquid materials;
• Storage tanks for liquid materials; and
• Water tanks for fire, safety and cleaning requirements

In addition, NET will acquire and operate several switch engine locomotives and track mobiles,
and miscellaneous rail maintenance equipment and transloading equipment (such as fork lifts,
container loaders, portable pumps and conveyored hoppers). (
Let's hope for expedited STB approval!
  by rb
Definitely sounds like they are planning to build the MA version of the Brookhaven Rail Terminal, which has been a big success on LI and is looking to double its footprint.

  by BandA
This is a Superfund site. I think the STB should defer to EPA and MA officials.
  by johnpbarlow
Massachusetts' elected glitterati are weighing in at STB with a bland statement of the obvious re: NE Transrail's intent to re-purpose a fallow superfund site:

https://www.stb.gov/filings/all.nsf/ba7 ... 242495.pdf

Unfortunately our Senators are silent regarding any community/regional benefits that might arise by establishment of the rail to truck transload facility on a piece of land that will otherwise be unproductive (eg, jobs, perhaps reduced truck mileage, increased real estate tax revenue, potential other downstream commercial development).