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Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by sery2831
I was going through the MBTA Forum and we have ONE thread related to radio frequencies, but it has some misinformation and lacks info for the entire area.

I was wondering of someone has a good list of frequencies for New England. I know I have a good list filed away somewhere but can't locate it. There are some web sites that list them, but they are out of date. And list a lot of channels as the wrong thing!
  by sery2831
It is outdated and is links to mostly archived web sites. This does not help compile a list.

And moving this thread moves it away from people that would have the info. :-(
  by g-u-rr
Hi all, We've recently had a bit of chatter in the G&U RR forum about their radio useage. This railroad has recently had a re-surgence under new ownership. The old radio guides show 160.245, AAR channel 09 I believe as the G&U channel, but maybe the new owner was able to transfer another channel to the railroad. In the WAY past times, the only stuff I ever heard on 160-245 channel was occasional administrative communications. Some crews have been observed talking on a radio recently. My monitor shows that the 160-245 channel has been silent. So, does anyone know what channel the crews were using? My understanding is that you are not supposed to use walki-talkies or cell-type phones in railroad operations, but I may be mistaken. Thanks in advance. Mike :-)
  by g-u-rr
I found out today that the current Grafton & Upton RR does utilize the old G&U RR Administrative frequency of 160.245 . There has been a bit of snow up here in New England and I monitored today at 3.18 pm Thursday 01-20-2011 that the RR was using the frequency for snow- clearing purposes. Conversations included tidbits concerning switch-clearing, snowmobile warnings and calling CSX regarding in-coming cars to the North Grafton interchange. I've made the information contained in these conversations somewhat non-specific so as to not to have problems with " disseminating " information heard over the radio. The point is : THE GRAFTON & UPTON RR DOES USE FREQUENCY 160. 245 !