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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by jgallaway81
Well, income tax returns have long come and gone.

Using e-file & rapid refund, I had my refund at the tail end of January. With part of it I got myself a new Canon Rebel XSi digital SLR camera. It may not have the resolution some of the latest P&S's have, but its got the awesome DIGIC-III image processor, seven points of focus, as well as image stabilization. Combined with a 12.2mp sensor, I'm all set to take high-quality pics of the A&A this year!

Last weekend I made the trip to NY to visit family... which of course included the equipment at the A&A. So, I'll be uploading some fresh images later today. I got some nice pics of the remains of 18's tender. I think next time I go up, it will include a chainsaw for cleaning out the trees and shrubs that have grown there since the tender was moved a few years ago.

I'd upload the images now except I'm still getting my new computer situated now that its in its new Silverstone chassis.
  by charlie6017
Hi Jason,

I just bought the same exact camera about 3 weeks ago.......excellent camera! I look forward to seeing your shots!

  by jgallaway81
Sorry for the delay gang, I've been rebuilding two computer systems for sale. It was the trade I had to negociate to get marital approval to spend the money on the new system.

With my dad's new system finally done, I can wrap up the second tower, an Athlon x2 dual-core system. If you know anyone who wants a decent computer at a bargin price, PLEASE send them my way.

this one is just about done, just got to seal it back up and I can get my tower back in service.
  by Benjamin Maggi
A friend of mine just bought one this week, and I have wanted one for several years. They seem to me to be the standard for Digital SLR cameras.
  by jgallaway81
Well, they aren't the pictures I took way back in the spring, but I did manage to get a few uploaded to NERails... RailPictures.net refused them all... it seems you pretty much need to have a PERFECT picture to get in there. Click Here for the A&A Pictures at the NERAIL Archive.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Two questions;

1. So, does the A&A now switch Blue Seal?
2. It looks like the A&A received a bulkhead flat car with lumber. Is that emptied at Reisdorf or somewhere else? Do they use the team track concrete pier at Arcade anymore?
  by BSOR Patarak
No, they don't switch Blue Seal. Though it has been discussed many times. The Spline car is for Sixt Lumber of Chaffee. The box cars of lumber do indeed get unloaded at the dock in the wye. The spline cars aren't taken there as they have to be unloaded evenly so they don't tip over. Unloading one side at a time on the dock doesn't work so well, that and turning it on the wye is impossible at this time. There have also been a few loads of scrap sent out and wood pellets unloaded at the dock. Freight has been doing pretty well for the A&A lately.