• NEW BOOK: Tracking Down the L&HR: P'burg to Vernon

  • Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail
Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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  by Paul Miller
I've just completed a 2 1/2 year study of the stations, structures, customers, and sidings of the N.J. portion of the LHR. I've compiled it into a 250 pages/900+ photo book-99% has never been published. I'm running an initial batch of 50 books, and am trying to get an idea of how many would be interested in it.

  by David
Count me in for one!---Thanks

  by Paul Miller
for those interested in the book, please contact me @ [email protected]. I can answer questions regarding pricing, content etc. Thanks, Paul

  by Otto Vondrak

Can't you answer our questions and discuss content here? We'd love to know more, we have a lot of LHR fans here.

I'm curious how you're able to publish only 50 books? Are you self-publishing? What method is the printing? While I do not doubt the integrity of your research, I'm just curious as to the physical qualities of the book. Thank you for bringing a new LHR book to light!


  by Steamtown Observer
250 pages/900+ photo book
That works out to slightly more that 3 pictures per page - I guess they are thumbnail images?

  by Paul Miller
I'm self publishing the book but professionally. I can do any amount of copies 1-1000. The content consists of before and after pictures of stations, customers, creameries, sidings, and structures- Phillipsburg to Vernon. Approximately 6 pictures per page, not thumbnails! Also included original blueprints, documents, track diagrams, maps. Everything that wasn't in the Boyd/Antz book. Sources include LHR Archives (newly discovered), libraries, locals, historians. Foreword by none other than the man himself-Marty Feldner. Black/white, sepia, color photos. Most pictures are 3.5" x 4"-some larger, a few smaller with captions explaining them. 25 chapters, soft cover, spiral bound. I may run a few hard covers as well in the future. Since I'm funding myself, I'm running small batches as interests unfold. First 50 got delayed until this Monday.If you're close enough to Morris County I'll be hand delivering, also taking trips up to Warwick.this is a structural study so you'll see very few engines/cars in my book. Tracy Antz and Jim Boyd did such a great job, as well as Ed Crist's and Bob Pennisi's books that I didn't want to duplicate.
Does that help ?
With a little coaxing, I may end up doing the N.Y. portion with Marty. Marty has seen the 1st run of the book.

  by David
Let us know how much you are planning to sell the book. Thanks

  by ljeppson
If I'm not prying to much, could you tell us how you are self publishing? Are you using a printing service like Kinkos, etc? How are you going to get your digital images into the copy? There's a lot of us who are interested in trying our hands at this, and you could help us a lot. Oh yes, I'm going to get a copy of your book.

  by Paul Miller
I'm using a private printing company. The whole layout was done by myself on Microsoft Publisher. It's a very easy to understand program and a lot can be done with it. Everything can be loaded unto a portable hard drive and brought directly to a printing firm. check with your printer to see what they prefer.

  by Railjourner
I sent an e-mail to the above address over a week ago and haven't heard anything back and was just wondering if this book was still going to be made available. If anyone knows how to get a copy could you post the details here? Thanks

  by Paul Miller
nothing popped up on my e-mail, sorry. You can contact me at [email protected]. First batch just sold out today, I'll be ordering more on Monday.Thanks for your interest in the book.

  by lhrfan
Hi Paul, I too am having trouble contacting you about purchasing a copy. I just sent you an email again, but just in case it doesn't get through, please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.
Bill Talmadge

  by Paul Miller
I apologize for e-mails not coming through. I have recently moved and am having a few glitches recovering e-mails. My cell # is 201-874-6635. Hopefully this will solve matters and speed up any communications issues from the past. Just wanted to thank those who have supported and purchased the book already as well. The second batch should be finished no later than next Tuesday 4/15/08. There has been some talk among comrades of a second book covering the NY portion of the line. It looks very promising! Paul

  by Otto Vondrak
Paul, we're just trying to fill in the gaps here. Sounds like an interesting project. What does the book cost, who do we send a check to?

Has anyone seen a copy of this book? Anyone have reactions, thoughts, feedback?


  by ninjarob
I purchased the book about two weeks ago, been reading a little bit each night and have to say in my opinion it is excellent! The focus is mainly on what I call (and enjoy) before and after. Each section is presented with pictures of the line and structures during the lines heyday (most b&w but some color) and then several color pics of the same area from the more recent past. Blueprints and yard/line diagrams are also a great addition. The captions for each area are also very informative and nicely done.

No, the pictures are all not as big as say a Morning Sun publication, but they are clear and well composed and most definitley not thumbnails. Several are of the 'same angle' type as the older photos giving you a nice perspective of the changes that have taken place over the years.

The primary focus of the book is on the line, the structures, and the area. There are few pictures of the trains but that, as Paul stated, has been covered in the other books nicely. I have both the Morning Sun book on the LH&R and the Carstens vol 1 & 2 and I must say, Paul's is my favorite. As someone modeling the NJ area in N scale, his book's photo's and track diagrams are invaluable.

I have to say, Paul did an excellent job, the book is so thorough, he doesn't seem to have missed a thing between Easton and Vernon!

Worth every penny, thanks Paul! I only wish someone would put the same type of book together for L&NE. You have a customer for sure for your next leg of the L&HR.