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  • Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail
Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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  by David
Otto Vondrak wrote:Paul, we're just trying to fill in the gaps here. Sounds like an interesting project. What does the book cost, who do we send a check to?

Has anyone seen a copy of this book? Anyone have reactions, thoughts, feedback?


Very interested in getting the book--Please let us know more info-- Since there are only going to be 50 copies at first--I would like one of the first 50--Thanks.

  by Paul Miller
Again, anyone interested in the book should contact me directly via e-mail ([email protected]) or cell 201-874-6635. I'm selling the books directly and will discuss pricing upon contact. If you live within Morris/Sussex/Warren Counties I can hand deliver, otherwise I will need to ship with additional charges. The first 50 books have been distributed but I'm getting another batch this coming Tuesday 4/15/08. As stated previously, the book covers structures, stations, sidings, & customers of the L&HR on the NJ side from P-Burg to Vernon, very few shots of engines/rolling stock as they have been covered previously in Boyd/Antz, Crist, Pennisi books on L&HR (all of which I highly recommend finding as well). Pictures of before and after, as early as 1905 as recent as 2007. Original blueprints, yard diagrams as well. 99% never published before, over 900 photos, 254 pages. Makes a nice edition to the previously released material.
Rob Snyder-thanks for the great review you posted! Hiking the ROW is the best part! I'm already discussing the NY portion with the authorities in Warwick-looks very promising!

It seems like it would be a decent book, and you did get a nice review. How about a picture of the book? It seems funny that you can't divulge the price. You do want to sell copies, right? The review came from someone we've never heard of, and as his one and only post. Over in the LV forum, when a new book comes out, we see a picture of it, get price discussions and get reviews, from known members. You have to give us something to go on here, other than a pitch..........

  by Otto Vondrak
I'm curious to know why the price of the book is a secret? I've authored and marketed two books already, and we shouted promotion from the rooftop and showed as many samples as we could without giving away the cow... why all the confusion over price? and the title? It sounds like a good review of LHR infrastructure, we're just curious about the details!


  by Paul Miller
Thanks Railjourner. A good friend of mine is in that club and wrote the Andover chapter intro. Another good friend offered me space on one of his tables, so I'll most likely be there in person if no music gigs this coming Sunday, otherwise, I'll drop off some copies for him to sell.

  by Paul Miller
Greetings! I just purchased Paul Miller's new book, "Tracking Down the Lehigh and Hudson - Phillipsburg to Vernon....the New Jersey Right of Way" and found it to be exceptional book. I belong to two model railroad clubs and do most of their printing for the train shows that we put on annually so I know what is involved in printing text and photos. Paul and his crew have done an excellent job of printing old photos, maps and new color photos. The layout is pleasing yet jammed pack with information. There is very little "white space" in this publication so you are certainly getting your money's worth. Buy the book not because you are a L&HR fan but because it is a great photo essay that could have been written about any railroad. Paul manages to tell the L&HR story not only in words, but more importantly, in pictures. I liked the contrast between the old black and white photos from "then" versus the new color photos from "now". Although the majority of the photos show the ROW as seen in different towns, they also included steam and diesel power, MOW equipment, freight and passenger cars. If you have followed this railroad for any period of time, you have realized just how hard it is to come by some of these equipment photos. Did you know there was a doodlebug? I also liked the fact that Paul, whenever possible, included photos of the same building or structure taken from different angles. If you like to model, this is a big bonus. Add to this mix, official L&HR ROW maps and documents. I never saw the L&HR in operation or any of it's rolling stock because I discovered this railroad too late. This book helps to fill in the missing gaps of a railroad I wish I had known and enjoyed. Paul, keep up the good work and how about a sequel covering the New York side? Larry Grant

Well, thanks Paul, for giving yourself a great review!!! Larry Grant not a name from this Forum either, I suppose. Still haven't figured out what the big "mystery" is, about not showing the book, or it's price here. I'll just spend my money on the next two Bednar books, I guess..........

  by Marty Feldner
For a couple of reasons, I've stayed out of this thread so far (first, I have a pretty full plate at the moment; second, I've been too closely associated with this project to be fully objective).

Larry Grant is a real person, one I've had email contact with for the last eight years or so; he's a long-time fan of the L&HR. The fact that he is not a member of railroad.net signifies just that- he is not a member. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, I can think of at least 8 people who are active followers and historians of the L&HR (including the authors of two of the previously published books on the road, and a few other well-known names in the hobby) who are not members here. This and the 'other' forums are far from the only places where the L&HR is discussed; there is a real world out there beyond any of these forums (sorry, Otto...)

For having only discovered the L&HR less than three years ago, Paul has done an admirable job of researching the New Jersey end of the road; the surfacing of the 'lost' archives last year helped his effort tremendously, and he was instrumental in processing and saving said archives. I've learned a lot about the west end of the road from his work.

G-A, I'm not really sure what your point is. Have you contacted Paul directly? As author and publisher, it is his call on how to market his effort. Pricing is also his decision. I will only say that I am very impressed with his book, and am happy to add this volume to my collection.

  by Railjourner
"Still haven't figured out what the big "mystery" is, about not showing the book, or it's price here. I'll just spend my money on the next two Bednar books, I guess.........."
Trust me there is a reason the book wasn't shown and you could buy 3 top quality Bednar books for the price of this book. I have to admit I was dissapointed. I would buy it for thirty but seventy five? You got to be kidding! :(

  by Paul Miller
Railjourner, I'm assuming you were at the show Sunday and got to see the book firsthand. I value and respect your opinion, the good thing being you didn't spend your money on something you didn't like. I'm not familiar with the Bednar Books, I'm sure they are excellent quality being that they've been mentioned 2x already. My heart is with the LHR thus far, and I'll look into those books in the next few weeks. Don't know if we actually met and shook hands there, met a lot of fine folks. Thought it was a great show.If you have any suggestions for future works, please share.
I'll clear up some other issues a few gents are having, and I apologize for any confusion.
Let me start by saying that this project was nothing but fun for 2 1/2 years. My goal and dream was to document what's left of the LHR in NJ and try to preserve it as a rails to trails. It then turned into a research project involving former/existing structures. As I mentioned in previous posts, the Boyd/Antz books, as well as the Crist and Pennisi books have done a wonderful job of documenting the engines, history, and some of the buildings. My goal was to "complete the series" and fill in some of the gaps.
The second thing I wanted to accomplish was to share my research/pictures/ knowledge with friends, LHR veterans, and people like yourselves. The cost of the book is purely for material, believe me when I tell you I've taken a financial hit producing it, but my goal was never to profit from the sale. I would need to sell an incredible amount of books to just break even. Ink, paper, and buying some of the historical pictures contained in the book costs money, the fact that I'm printing small batches probably doesn't help. I wasn't sure how many books would be sold, rather than ordering 1,000 copies off the bat, I chose to run by demand. I've tried to keep the cost the same for everyone, and it's been $75 in person, shipping and handling adds additional costs depending on where you live. With gas prices going up, everyone is raising their prices for supplies, so I can't predict what the next runs will be. If you bought the Boyd/Antz book new as I did, you were paying about 40 cents a page. My cost is about 29 cents a page. I personally felt the Boyd /Antz book was a sensational bargain by the way. I didn't include money spent on archiving, travel, tolls, hand deliveries/gas costs because that my intention was not to profit but to share info.
Without embarassing myself too much I really don't know how to post a picture of the book on this site, which is why I haven't done so yet. Not sure what you guys would get out of just seeing the cover page but I'd be happy to do so with some help.
I'm not lying when I say I've had 99% (100% before Railjourner :-D :( ) satisfaction from the people who have already purchased the book. This includes historians, LHR veterans, people who grew up along the ROW, locals, and LHR diehards. The book isn't like much others put out there, and it won't please everyone. I've basically been hand delivering to NJ /Warwick folks, and they've had the opportunity to view it prior to purchasing, and it's been selling remarkably well. Unfortunately there's no way to do that by mail.I always love sitting down and meeting folks who are interested, that's half the fun. I posted Larry's e-mail not to brag but to give an unbiased opinion. The book has been reviewed in a Vernon local newspaper as well but I'm unable to find a link, I can certainly e-mail the scan of it to would be buyers.
I was trying my hardest not to take up too much space on the threads, for those who really want it, they have already purchased via e-mail or phone and I've gotten some really great responses.
I'll elaborate some more on the picture content-every station in NJ-25 or was it 26? of them; customers-Kramer Ashphalt, NJ Zinc, creameries, Aplhano Muckworks. Bridges, construction of Atlas spur. I'd say 99% never been published before. Mile markers, signal posts, crossings. a few of the shots have steam/RS-3s, of few of real old engines MOW but mainly structural content. Siding diagrams,track diagrams from original blueprints-great for modelers from what ive been told. This is my first project. Color shots of what is left as well. Spiral bound only for now-hardbound would have cost my customers an additional $15-$20. Professionally printed.
If you're a die-hard LHR fan I'm pretty confident you will enjoy.
The only other thing I'll say here is that many people helped me with information in the book, as well as many donated pictures. This was all for fans like yourselves, not a money making venture for anyone, me included. The praise goes to everyone, the criticism comes solely to me, since I basically constructed the book and its contents alone. Many people worked very hard here in finding pictures, and offering accurate information about the LHR, please keep that in mind.
Again for those who have already purchased, thanks for your support in keeping the LHR alive and well; and for all the kind words.Rather than waste additional space with ordering info, my e-mail and phone remain open for orders. I can elaborate more on the phone since I'm a better talker than typer!
I apologize for the initial limited information, it wasnt meant to turn people off or away, I'm new at this, and hopefully I've cleared up some of the issues. I think this is a great forum with a bunch of educated members, criticism is always welcome, as long as it's justified and written in a professional manner.
BTW- the title is "Tracking Down the Lehigh and Hudson/Phillipsburg to Vernon....the N.J. Right of Way."
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  by David
Thanks, Paul, for the explanation. Looking forward to meeting you this summer and a copy of your book per phone call. :-)

  by Marty Feldner
Here's the front cover of the book- size is 8-1/2"x11"...


  by Paul Miller
Thanks Marty! How many times do I owe you now? :wink:

Paul -

As a personal friend of Tom Callan's, I was sold on the book even before the "book reviews" came out - I knew it would be a good book. Now, with even more info, I can say that simply because of the help of some other noted L&HR and local historians as listed on the cover, you have a great book, no matter the price. I look forward to purchasing a copy sometime this soon.

Also, as one who is trying to do the same thing (albeit in conjunction with Arcadia Books), I feel your pain. My intention is not to be rich and famous, but rather share the info. There are way too many people out there - Most of them on this website - Who aren't willing to do that, or charge an arm and a leg to "help". With what has transpired here, I think I will not even bother to try to use RR.net to try to "hawk" my product if and when it comes to fruition.

Thanks for making an Lehigh Valley fan more interested than ever in the OTHER Lehigh railroad, oops, I mean railWAY,

Ralph Heiss, aka Car Floater
S. Plainfield, NJ