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  by KV Webmaster
Greetings all!

This is to notify you that my long anticipated 2nd edition of "The Ol' Hook & Eye: A History of the Kishacoquillas Valley railroad" is available. If you never heard of the KV, it was a nine-mile line that ran from Belleville in central Pennsylvania to a connection with the PRR's Milroy Branch in Reedsville from 1893 to 1940. In 1928, it began making trips to the Pennsy Main Line in Lewistown via PRR trackage rights. Contrary to the many horror stories of how the PRR treated many other short-line railroads, the KV overall enjoyed a pleasant relationship with the mighty Pennsy. In fact, when Pennsylvania was hit by the devastating St. Patrick's Day Flood in 1936, the PRR wrote a blank check and, without supervision, authorized the KV to repair its entire Milroy Branch! It's a question if the PRR ever before or since, alowed another foreign road complete carte blanche over one of its routes.

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