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  • Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM
Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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MAERSK LINE BRINGS FLAGSHIP SERVICE POWERED BY BNSF RAILWAY TO NORTH AMERICA: Maersk Line, the leading containerized shipping carrier in the world, announces an ultra-reliable, new Flagship import service direct from Asia to five key markets in North America – Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Memphis, and Northwest Ohio. In 2011, Maersk Line announced a new operational model ‘Absolute Reliability’ when it introduced the Daily Maersk service in the Asia-Europe trade. This model based on total transportation time and cargo arriving at a promised delivery date, every single time, effectively streamlines supply chains and improves time to market. Now, Maersk Line takes another step toward achieving ‘Absolute Reliability’ by offering this new Flagship service, powered by BNSF Railway, in North America. Maersk Line’s Flagship service offers five products: Chicago Flagship, Dallas Flagship, Houston Flagship, Memphis Flagship, and Northwest Ohio Flagship. Each features dedicated, non-stop rail service that arrives at an agreed time, every time in each key market location. Flagship trains bypass connecting points along the route allowing for unmatched service velocity. By ensuring on-time delivery, Maersk Line becomes an extension of a customer’s production line to increase supply chain efficiencies, improve inventory management, and help move products to market as planned. Flagship service has been made possible in part due to investments made by Maersk Line and BNSF over the last several years. These investments have allowed for BNSF rail network expansion, state-of-the-art intermodal facilities, and increased loading capabilities at the ports. This commitment will enable the two companies to offer customers fixed transits and unmatched 95% on-time delivery. This inland North America investment by two industry leaders has the potential to create a healthier, more balanced U.S. import and export system. With regular non-stop inland rail service, greater reliability and equipment availability, this new intermodal offering will help increase and advance U.S. export growth. The five markets represent the initial implementation of this Flagship service with possible expansion to follow. Three services of Maersk Line’s ultra-reliable Transpacific import service network will offer Flagship service, the TP5, TP6 and TP8. Each connects with Flagship service at the port of Los Angeles. TP5 and TP6 were rated 100% reliable based on Drewry Maritime Research’s Q1 2012 report. By strategically aligning with BNSF Railway, the U.S. intermodal carrier with the highest on-time performance, Maersk Line has the one-two reliability punch necessary for ‘Absolute Reliability’ in North America. “We are extremely excited to introduce this highly reliable and innovative new Transpacific Flagship service to our dry and reefer cargo customers. While we understand that having a competitive transit is important, speed is not the essence of this service, being on-time is. With Flagship service and intermodal leader BNSF, we’ll further support shippers in North America to optimize their supply chains,” said Timothy O’Connell, Sr. Director Trade and Marketing, Maersk Line North America. “Absolute Reliability is not about being faster. It’s about being absolutely reliable based on time.” “BNSF is pleased to collaborate with Maersk Line, a long-term customer, to once again bring next generation intermodal solutions to customers around the world. We look forward to delivering the best on-time performance levels and service reliability to help shippers achieve superior supply chain performance,” said Steve Branscum, BNSF group vice president, Consumer Products Marketing. “Supply chains continue to be finely tuned and are a business area that companies focus on more and more to help improve overall operational performance. We understand that our customers must be more efficient to compete. This means that they can’t afford to have high inventory safety stocks and supply chain disruptions that result in unnecessary costs,” commented Craig Mygatt, Sr. Vice President of Inland Operations, Maersk Line North America. “That is why we continue to innovate and introduce products such as this Flagship service. It is an exciting solution for today’s supply chains. We have listened to shippers and know that reliability is a key feature that supports their supply chains. We’re pushing to extend our highly reliable ocean performance to key inland markets in order to provide a more robust service to our customers.” Visit howwemoveyou.com for further information including transits and an interactive map with origin and destination points. (Maersk - posted 3/05)

Interesting development. If you study the BNSF "Intermodal Map Detail" on their website, there seems to be a gap between the BNSF Intermodal Route and the CSX Intermodal Route. Is this something CSX is working on? Looking at the maps it looks like NS would have been a better partner since the connections look much easier.
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i work for NS, i know we used to have the Maersk account and i believe NS lost the account, thats what i was told at least