• New 4 axle power from EMD?

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Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by uhaul
Thanks for digging up those photos. Not used to seeing a picture of Earth or a picture of a diesel engine on the side of a locomotive.

  by Jtgshu
Nice, 2000 HP out of a V8 710 - thats great -

Imagine the fuel savings compared to a GP38 with a normal aspirated V16 645

Is the V8 turbo'ed or NA?

I find whats even more interesting than the modern day GP9 is the E60 that its coupled to!!!

  by MEC407
Yes, the V8 710 is turbocharged. As far as I know, EMD has never built a non-turbo 710.

  by MEC407
More news on the EMD Repower line:
Locomotive manufacturer EMD has taken its first steps to re-enter the repowering business with the launch of the GP22ECO and GP32ECO scheduled for this month.
Read more at:

http://www.railwaygazette.com/news_view ... arket.html

Of note is that this article refers to the 8 cylinder units as GP22ECO, and the 12 cylinder units as GP32ECO. Clearly this is a reference to rounded-up horsepower -- 2150 and 3150, respectively -- and would seem to have no relation to what kind of "core" unit was used, be it a GP9 or GP40 or something else.

Also interesting is that the article mentions six axle locomotives. Perhaps this means we'll be seeing an SD22ECO or SD32ECO.

  by MEC407
  by tomjohn
If I understand this correctly the rebuilt loco the "GP22 ECO" loco has components from an SD24? And I am looking at a still photo of the GP22 ECO..


  by Lehighton_Man
Aha, i thought that idea would take off sooner or later.
Looks like someone at EMD was sharing the same ideas i thought of.
Using modern technology, and remanufacturing older units.
With the newer 710ECO, im sure some lines might go back to those older units. It'd be even better if EMD went back and re-started manufacturing on some of its more successful models, like the GP9, GP15, GP38, so on and so forth. if i were a shortline and EMD was reproducing models like that, i'd jump in right away. Of course, if they did reproduce them, its like taking a SD70ACe and cramming its creature comforts yet power, into a GP9. Its like using the term: "New Wave, but Old School" :wink:
-- Sean

  by tomjohn
I happen to have a ATLAS GP40, a GP9 chassis and aSD24 loco shell, I am going to attempt the building of both.

The GP67/68 ECO and the GP22 ECO in N-SCALE....

  by Jtgshu
Got the new Trains the other day and there is a write up about the Repower line in there. Its very similar, almost verbatium, to the Railwaygazette write up linked above.
  by tomjohn
Looking at the few pictures that are posted here that ECO's look like they're in a TEAL paint scheme and the JULY issue of TRAINS magazine page 24 shows them in a BRIGHT GREEN SCHEME , ok what colour are these ECO locomotives ?

  by MEC407
The color tends to look either green or turquoise depending on the lighting and depending on the camera and the photographer.


  by USRailFan
mbta1051dan wrote:
Allen Hazen wrote: does anyone here know if 8-710 engines have been produced before this?
The newest Block Island Ferry, the Block Island (c. 1997) has two EMD 8-710 engines. But there again, that is a marine application. Domestically, there have never been any railroad versions of the 8-710 that I have heard about.
Not in the USA, perhaps, but in Romania old diesel locos are being modernised with new cabs and EMD 8-710 engines.
  by Jtgshu
There is another pretty indepth article on the Repower line from EMD, in particular the rebuilt GP9 in this month's "Railway Age"

Has anyone heard of any interest by any RR about repowering any of their older EMD locos with the Repower 710?

It would be great to see a GP30 rebuilt!!! :)
  by tomjohn
Just curious, has there been any further updates or any current sightings on these ECO locomotives that EMD is attempting to produce? I am attempting to built a pair of these models ..