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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by atsf sp
I have been around Neville Island a lot lately and seeing some of its lesser known railorads. I know th POHC and CSX operate on the island but on the northside of the Shenago plant there is a small yellow ge/whitcomb switcher that seems to be an end cab 25-50ton loco. Also there is a green end cab, either a mp15 or sw unit by that plant. What units are these and are they shenago?
  by atsf sp
After years I got the answer. The green ALCO was Duffy and Son 115 ALCO S-4 originally NKP 49.
  by riffian
Ae there any rail-served industries left on Neville Island?
  by atsf sp
Yes there are still some sites served. I believe there is still a gas transload facility and a few mills of various type. CSX and POHC both serve the island.
  by turntable01
CSX local D749 works out of Neville Island, heading east towards Demmler Yard.
POHC works out of McKees Rocks around noon, heading to Neville Island. Often, they wait for D749 to cross the trestle over the Ohio River, and clearance from the CSX dispatcher. The POHC works some shared sidings before switching chemical industries and a fuel transload for the airport. There are a number of industries dealing with scrap metal and metal fabrication. There is a steel building fabricator, which POHC delivers girders and sheet steel on flat cars, entering the building. Visitors should be wary of the truck traffic - dump trucks and 18 wheelers - and no trespassing signs.