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  • Discussion relating to The Chicago & North Western, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road), including mergers, acquisitions, and abandonments.
Discussion relating to The Chicago & North Western, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road), including mergers, acquisitions, and abandonments.

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  by Richard Y
I have a couple of questions. But first, let me preface the questions with something that has had me confused for some time.
In the late 1960's, I lived near the west-central town of Lander, Wyoming. At one point of time, I had to go over to the railroad station, there in Lander, to pick up a parcel that originated out of Seattle, Wa. My memory is kind of vague, but I also thought the package went through Salt Lake City, and then, ultimately, up to Lander. It is quite possible it never came through Salt Lake City, however.
I was also thinking that the Lander rail station was a Union Pacific station, and that the parcel came up by UP. I now think it wasn't, and never was a UP station, but not sure that UP did not have it for a while.
The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad built an extension from Casper west to Lander and Riverton, Wyoming right after the turn of the last century. I believe the C & NW RR came to Lander in 1906.
So, my first question, how did I get my package? Maybe it did come by Union Pacific, via Salt Lake City, then up to, possibly, Rawlins or Rock Springs. Would it have been possible it then went by truck from Rawlins or Rock Springs to Lander? I am wondering if there were any train runs, whatsoever, into Lander in the late 1960's. I believe the Chicago & Northwestern RR service into Lander was discontinued by the late 1960's..but I'm not sure.
Finally, I would really appreciate some information on books, videos, and web sites on the Chicago & Northwestern runs into western Wyoming, especially Fremont County. I surfed the web, but found practically nothing. Most of the C & NW stuff has to do with operations at the Powder River Basin and further east.
Any information you could pass along would be greatly appreciated.
  by eddiebear
The subject has been written up. 1992 book by South Platte Press, THE CHICAGO & NORTH WESTERN COWBOY LINE. I don't have it. The write-up sounds like it has more about the Nebraska end of this lonely outpost of the C & NW. Looks like there are videos and DVDs too. Then there's the C & NW Historical Society. I don't belong but one of my friends does and I see North Western Lines, the Society's magazine. Try finding back issues of that publication or maybe joining.
There's probably more on this subject, but you have to be patient and search.

  by AmtrakFan
I heard somewhere I forget where though that CNW wanted to build to the West Coast but I don't think they had the $$$$$$$.


  by UPRR engineer

Cool web page with some old pictures, broke out my maps and found out the CNW did operate at one time near Lander Wyoming.

From that web site:
Beginning in 1914, Riverton became a primary shipping place for railroad ties for the Chicago and North Western. The ties would be floated down from above Dubois by the Wind River Timber Company.

  by TB Diamond
The CNW did, indeed, go to Lander, Wyoming. Passenger service on this line was discontinued in the late 1940s, I believe. Service was provided at the end by a gas-electric car. The line Riverton-Lander was abandoned at some time during the 1960s. Origionally, the CNW Cowboy Line came across northern Nebraska and into Wyoming. At Orin Jct. the line headed basically (compass) north through Douglas and Casper. At Shobon the line headed (compass) west again through Shoshoni and Riverton, terminating at Lander. In the 1940s the CNW gained trackage rights over the CB&Q from a point west of Casper to Shobon and then abandoned their line between those points. Service Casper-Riverton was terminated in September, 1988, the last local departing Riverton on the 15th.

  by brianpwestgate
Does UP still run out to Casper?

  by TB Diamond
The CNW abandoned service to Casper, WY prior to the UP/CNW merger.
  by tk48states
In spring of '66 I returned from a Colo ski vacation via Edgemont SD (division point on the Burlington) and home of grandparents. Left there for Omaha in '59 Plymouth and somewhere near Chadron Ne. was paralleling C&NW cowboy line when caught up to a freight train. Two Northwestern RS1's were on the point-great. I gunned that 318 V8 in the Fury and got ahead, picked out a good spot and waited. Went to shoot and shutter would't budge, looked at counter and dial was firmly on 24, no exposures left and no more film. Oh s---. For 42 yrs I've regretted missing that shot.