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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by Keystone
I know, I'm new and full of a lot of rookie type questions- sorry :)

Basically, I am really into the first and second gen diesels. Since I am between Pittsburgh and Altoona, and the age factor (52), I never experienced electrics or steam. I grew up in a Pennsy railroad town, Pitcairn, PA, and as a kid the bulls spent a lot of time walking me out of the yards. Now since the the RR passion in me is back with a vengence, looks like the Norfolk & Southern bulls will be taking me for walks! Although these days, I think trespassing on RR property is a federal offense? I am trying to understand steam equipment and am having a hard time. So many types and classes! Can anyone suggest a good web site for the steam challenged?


  by Urban D Kaye
Rich -
I'm sure others can do a better job answering this one, but I'll get things rolling.

• For the basic anatomy of a steam loco, this site features a great labeled diagram..
http://cprr.org/Museum/Science_of_Railw ... otive.html

• For the Whyte Classification System and the associated names for common locos based on wheel arrangement, try this site...

• And to help you locate existing steam locos around the world--both operating and display--try a search of this site...

And of course you can Google your favorite railroads, past and present. Many have historical societies or fan sites.