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  by Patrick A.
My morning commute was stymied this morning when I arrived at the 23 St N/R only to find it roped off.Since Fastrack ends by 5 I was surprised to say the least. MTA service status had no remarks other than good service and no signs were at the station. Why was service not restored this morning?
  by Kamen Rider
Due to a water condition at 23 St Station:

There is no N and Q trains in both directions between DeKalb Av Station and 57 St-7Av Station.

There is no R trains in both directions between Queens Plaza Station and Whitehall Street Station.

Both directions R trains are running on the F line between 36 St Station (Qns) and 34 St-Herald Sq Station, then run on the D line in both directions between 34 St-Herald Sq Station and DeKalb Av Station.

Allow additional travel time

I'd show a little patience before the complaining about the MTA starts.
  by Patrick A.
Not to nitpick but the MTA notice was not put online until after 11AM and I passed the station at 830AM. So the MTA was a bit late.