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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by RoadHogg
I want to say thanks to all that will respond to this posting, first of all the question that I have is I have been told when you go down Ga for the training its signal training is the hard part and is almost impossible to pass, also is there a place on the the net where I could brush up on this info or get a head start on it, this is for conductor positions,thanks

  by washingtonsecondary
Well, this is just my opinion, but if you want to work for Norfolk Southern, you just might want to get their name right. But if your looking to work for the N&S rail road, I apologize and wish you the best of luck.

  by extra-man
Calm down dude,they are not going to hit you with the signal test on your initial trip to McDonough.If I recall correctly,you may have to know the basic position light signals,stop,clear,restricting and approach.They will supply you with study guides to help you learn the signals before you return to Ga,for Phase 3 of your training.Thinking back,I recall 1 guy out of about 30 who could not pass the signal test,they let you retake it at least once.I believe an 85% score is required to pass as a conductor(I'm pretty sure an Engineer must have a 100%).More guys could not pass the static hang test than failed the signal test,this is where you hang on a ladder,simulating the side of a railcar,you hang with one arm and while holding a lantern make hand signals with the other,this lasts a couple of minutes,sounds easy but some people have difficulty performing this.Pay attention to what they tell you,when an instructor tells you that something is important you can bet it will be on the test,most people have zero experience working on or around trains when they first go to Ga,for training.Don't forget every one in your class is in the same situation as you,follow the instructors lead they will teach you the basics the rest you will learn on the job.Best of luck

  by NS212
They give you 3 basic rules on your first trip down

1.Don't fall of the equipment
2.Don't fall of the equipment
3.Don't fall of the damn equipment

As extra-man said don't worry too much about the signals till phase 3. Phase 1 they only go over clear, approach, restricting, and stop, and they're all very easy to remember, so don't sweat it. Phase 1 is a lot of outside training, some classroom training like going over basic rules and such. Homework every night, make sure you do it, they go over it 1st thing in the morning. Phase 3 is almost entirely classroom training, covering the entire rule book from front to back. But you'll learn more about Phase 3 when you get to GA. Don't want to fluster you with it all. Good luck :).

  by gp80mac
NS is not paying you to go to Georgia just to fail out. Don't worry about training - it isn't that bad.

  by jgallaway81
Have fun.. I just got back from McDonough for the third time.

I'm now an engineer trainee qualifying on the pittsburgh division.

The MOST important rule in the book... Rule G... NO effing alcohol or drugs!

Have fun!