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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by n2xjk
Yesterday (Sunday 3/15) I was driving along a road within sight of the CSX 2 track main on the west side of South Schenectady. I saw some locomotives with a livery I hadn't seen before, unfortunately the train was moving at speed, and so was I on a busy road and couldn't pull over safely in time to take a really good look as the train whipped by. It was a mixed freight with 398 axles, traveling westbound on track 1. There was a CSX unit on point, a green unit 2nd (I didn't see any big lettering on this one, so I'm guessing it is a leased unit) and two more locomotives in grey with fine white and black stripes running their lengths. There is a shield shaped logo under the cab windows (ala old D&H). I think the unit numbers were 301 and 305. Any idea whose locomotives these were?


First, the Green Unit you saw was FURX..( they usually look like the old paint scheme for Burlington Northern) As far as the Grey Units I would have to say CEFX lease Units...CEFX keep their Units in their original paint scheme and just puts CEFX on the side.... Hope this helps Good Luck out there and be safe!!!!

  by n2xjk
I rummaged in google trying to find pictures of grey CEFX locomotives, and all the ones I found in places like railpictures.net look nothing like the ones I saw. The shield logo under the cab windows is a big difference, as is the two narrow (pin?) stripes running the length of the units. Could these have been from a shortline or industrial on their way to/from their home territory? Oh, I didn't say what model these were, I'm guessing SD-40 or something similar.
  by CPSD40-2
This is a B & A ( Bangor & Aroostock ) unit, but the same parent company, I believe Canadian-American Railroad corp ( maybe? ) has a few lines with very similar paint schemes.


If not that then maybe it was a re-painted version of one of these units.
  by n2xjk
That is getting closer, but the units I saw were definately all grey with black stripes down the side where the yellow is in the picture. Also the shield logo was definately shield shaped (pointy bottom), compared to the keystone shape of the pictured unit. Jeez, I just wish I had a place to pull over so I could have looked at them better. I was tempted to turn around and pace the train as best I could, but I knew with the roads in the area I was in I couldn't catch up to the units without going at breakneck speeds on back roads.