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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
Surely all countries have culinary attractions around the spot hunting? Including Indonesia especially in place often i hunting the culinary places around where I hunting is
1. around crossing number 23 Sepanjang
A. Roni's chiken noodle(East of the direction of Sepanjang station)
B. Yellow soup with cow epidermis(same location)
C. Coconut ice of Mustika or Mr Tari(same location)
2. Sepanjang station
A. Dul's chiken noodle(The front of the station is precisely the east)
B. Oyen ice(same location, next to the Dul's chicken noodle)
3. Crossing number 26 : Sir "Pi" meatballs(behind the guardhouse)
Roni's chicken noodles place
https://i.imgur.com/q2etiLr.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
For images of duck and chicken INDRA, please see MY PRIDE STATION, Ehh ... miss one more ... that is simple PURE food stall, here there are many typical Indonesian food consisting of rawon (1), krawu rice (2), krengsengan (3), lodeh (4), vegetable: tamarind (1), clear (2) and soup, side dishes vary greatly from : fried fish, tofu and fried tempeh, Javanese seasoning steak and soy sauce eggs, for his drink there is warm tea, fresh tea, iced tea, coffee,bitter coffee, iced coffee, cold drinks packing and sinom
Here is the price of the above place in question, starting from nearby station.
1. Dul's chiken noodle : IDR 8K
2. Indra restaurant : undefined
crossing path 23
1. Pure food stall : IDR 10K(with egg), IDR 12K(with chiken), IDR 15K(krawu rice)
2.Roni's chiken noodle : IDR 8K(without claw or head), when added claw or head, each part plus IDR 2000 (checkers), IDR 1500 (head), for the drink consists only of warm tea, fresh tea and ice tea at a price of IDR 3000 each
Sir Tari Young coconut ice : IDR 5K
Yellow soup cow epidermis : IDR 20K(include ricecake)
https://i.imgur.com/NqZabFE.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Meatball stalls Uncle Pi, (1) large meatballs (2) small meatballs (3) tofu without dough stuffing (content of flour mixture, salt, flavoring and cold water) (4) tofu dough stuffing (5) boiled siomay, maybe? 6) fried siomay, The price is the same as Roni's chicken noodle without a checker and head, for his drink available hot tea,iced tea, fresh tea, orange ice,warm oranges sold by his brother The owner of the stall(read: Uncle Pi)
In addition to the meatball uncle Pi, there is one more eating place near the crossing street 26 that is soto Madura with iced tea and orange ice, additional notes: the photo ofthe place is following yes...
  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
Dul's chiken noodle court, right handed batagor (fried tofu meatballs) and Dawet ice
https://i.imgur.com/NaANF4A.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;