• Must see & ride in Montreal?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by NKP1155
I'm making a rail trip on Amtrak to Montreal from Albany. I'll continue to Moncton or Halifax. That means I have at least a 24 hour layover in Montreal. I do have the flexibility to stay in Montreal 2 days. Rail Expo looks like a must. What commuter lines or other rail side trips are worth taking? Are there still motels/hotels at Dorval overlooking busy rail lines?
  by R36 Combine Coach
Dorval has both VIA and commuter service. The new metro cars are being phased in.
Marriott Fairfield inn is next to the Dorval Station. Get a room at the back.....great view!
  by ExCon90
The electrified CN commuter line from Central Station to Deux-Montagnes is an interesting ride, and the last time I checked the service was frequent enough that you can mostly fit it in whenever it's convenient.
  by Tadman
I've done that ride, all the way to the end. It might be worth doing once, but it's nothing spectacular. The trains don't go very fast and there's not much in the way of heavy industry or shops en-route that could provide other trains to watch. There is an ex-CN boxcab stuffed and mounted at the end of the route, but it's a bit crusty and not too picture-worthy.

Grumpy's is a fun dive bar on the southwest edge of downtown, and it's an anglophone establishment (speaks english).
I’ve always liked riding the Deux Montagnes electric line as it offers some scenic views on the outer end with some island hopping…..crossing several bridges.

The 30 mile route to Mascouche is relatively new and uses the ALP-45 duel electric/diesel locomotives. They follow the same route as the D-M lines through the 3 mile Mt Royal Tunnel…..then switch to diesel power. The line uses the CN route to northern Quebec until Terrebonne…then an entirely new line in the median of Highway 640. It also runs thru a 1 km long snow-shed/tunnel like structure at Repentigny to protect trains from an adjacent munitions plant (if there ever was a blast). At Mascouche…the route joins the former CP line to Quebec City. There are several trains on weekdays that allow you to make a quick round-trip.

There is also the 39 mile route to St. Jerome and this is the former CP (le petit train du nord) ski train route into the Laurentian Mountains…..also with weekday roundtrips. There is a steep grade climbing out of Sainte-Thérèse allowing you to look 25 miles back south to Montreal Island and Mt Royal.
  by Tadman
Good points on the island hopping, that was a nice feature of the electric line. I was a bit tired on that day and drifted off a few times. I was killing time before catching a corridor train to Toronto.

About twenty minutes after I boarded for Toronto, the sun went down. So much for seeing anything on that ride.
  by NKP1155
Arrive in Montreal & go to Dorval Marriott by what route?
NKP1155 wrote:Arrive in Montreal & go to Dorval Marriott by what route?
Board a RTM Vaudreuil/Hudson line train downtown at Lucien L’Allier (near the Bell Centre and former Windsor Station site) and ride out to Dorval. Timetable here:

https://rtm.quebec/Media/Default/pdf/se ... Hudson.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

There’s a couple of Marriotts in Dorval. You want the Fairfield Inn....right beside the station.
  by Engineer Spike
I’d recommend staying downtown. Dorval sucks if you don’t have a car, unless you take public transportation. There are lots of things to do downtown, and just how long are you going to stand on the platform buffing? A word to the wise is not to go on the CP/AMT platform. The fares are on the honor system, and sometimes they check. If you aren’t ticketed, then you are presumed to be trying to board the train without a ticket.
  by BAR
How about hotel recommendations near Central Station where Adirondack arrives? Looking for reasonable price within walking distance (if such a venue exists). Planning a trip in early July with an in and out one night stay. Thanks very much for any suggestions.

Williamsburg, VA
  by Engineer Spike
How much do you want to pay? There are hotels ranging from 5 stars to dumps. If you want to treat yourself, the Queen Elizabeth has just been refurbished. The Bonaventure is another nice place. All the major chains are represented too. You will be in the right place downtown to see the town, since the Metro lines intersect, as do busses.