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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Steamboat Willie
Walbeb wrote:I have a question for someone that works for Metro North or may possibly know the answer. I currently work for a class 2 freight railroad as a conductor. I've been there for a year and was thinking of making the switch based off assumptions that may or may not be false.

I imagine that I would be home almost everyday as the 3-4 nights a week in a hotel are starting to takes it toll, I don't mind the long hours and really love my job but being physically away from home is not for everyone. Looking to see if I'm correct or wrong on that.

I'd also think that since 'peak time' is during the day that overnight shifts aren't as common. Being in the freight business you're looking at 10+ years of seniority before you're able to work half during the day half at night, but I'd assume most trains run during the day on the Metro so day shifts are much more common.

Also, will my freight experience help or hurt me? I don't know if they like hiring conductors from other railroads or if they like fresh off the street newbies so they don't bring any bad habits over. How long should I wait before applying, I know I've only been at my current place for a year and I don't want to give the impression that I'm jumping ship for no reason, which is why I'm asking these questions here.

Thanks in advance everyone.
Walbeb, most of the people in the T&E ranks at MN from a prior passenger/freight road are exceptional employees. We have a few people who were promoted to supervisory roles as well who came from prior railroads as well. With the exception of a few yard jobs, we do not have many road jobs that work overnight.
  by Walbeb
Thanks for the help, not to pry but are most shifts 12 hours as well or is there availability for 8 and 10 hour shifts?

I'm used to the 12 everyday but working a few 8 hour days would be nice once in a while. Sadly I don't know anyone working at Metro so this seems to be the best place for info.
  by DutchRailnut
a standard shift at Metro North is 8 hours, anything beyond is overtime.
In T&E(Train & Engine) you can write your own paycheck by bidding a job, that either only works 8 hour or less, or you can bid longer job based on seniority and what days off.

when you first hire out, you take what you can get, as your choices are very limited till you gain some seniority.
  by Walbeb
Ah ok, a standard shift for us IS 12 hours (we work to the max under the federal hours of service law), for my current company, you're looking at 5-15 years of seniority before you get a somewhat decent schedule and possible 8 hour day. The specific days off don't bother me (right now I get Tues and Wed off) but hearing that 8 hours is the standard shift is very cool.

I know I may not even get hired but just wanted to ask a few questions before I even applied so I have a rough idea of what I'm getting into. I guess there's a reason it's hard to get into MN. Seems like a great company.

Thanks again for your help.
  by HalMallon
Has anyone been contacted for the most recent Conductor posting?
  by Conrail4evr
Does anyone know when the next RTC class might start? Thanks in advance...
  by Railroadjunkie45
General question, because all I have been doing is psyching myself out. I am currently in the process of getting hired for a managerial position with metro north. Long story short last year I got a dwi, which was pledto a dwai. I am not applying for an engineer job or conductor job and I do not believe it involves driving. Last week I filled out the background and up to and including this part no where did it ask for criminal history. I ended up disclosing it to the HR person just because I was freaking out. Does anyone hvr any insight if this is a auto disqualified, she said it wasent. I have all the paperwork in the world that I completed classes and drug/alcohol tests from my current job. Help!
  by Nintendo22
Hi to all!
I have a quick question.
I had an interview for a coach cleaning position on like august 15th. After the interview they thanked me and said please be patient and we'll get in touch with you on the next steps in the process, that the interviews are being held for positions in 2018.
What i was wondering is do you think they were being truthful or maybe was that a way of letting me down politely?
  by briandiana
1st congratulations on having an interview. To answer your question, I would say they were being truthful. I wouldn't look at it any other way. The glass is half full..... Good luck!!
  by Nintendo22
Thank you so much for the response! I'm trying to remain as positive as possible. Patience is a virtue but sometimes can be nerve racking!
  by Nintendo22
Ive applied so many times. I thibk the first time was in like 2015
  by Bgunn17
Hello all

I applied for a coach cleaner position with MNR and my status says “passed prescreening”. Can anyone offer any insight into this for me? Thank you very much.
  by Bgunn17
Hello everyone

I recently applied for a coach cleaner position at MNR which closed last week. My application status already says “passed prescreening”. Can anyone give any insight to what this means and if it’s a good sign? What I can expect? Thank you.
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