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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by CSX Conductor
If it's anything like Amtrak or MBCR, the older guys usually hold the non-revenue jobs.
  by Steamboat Willie
This is how the testing day goes.

You report to North White Plains to the 2nd floor in the testing room. Someone from HR will speak to you about how to sort out the paper work you were supposed to have filled out completely before the testing date. They will speak about the job, pay rate, union and play a VHS tape dated back from the mid-80's. Then someone from the training department will speak more about the job. Mainly the scare speech about the list, bidding, bumping, etc.

You are then allowed a 5 minute break before the test. First part is a 7 minute timed 40 question vocabulary test, followed by a 30 minute situational mathematics, a 30 minute mechanical test (believe it was around 80 questions), then the 2nd portion of the math test ending with the Hogan personality test. Last part of the math test is compound addition and multiplication. Once you are done with the 2nd part of the math exam, you can begin the Hogan test. It is a 206 question, True or False exam of statements guaging your people skills, leadership, integrity, cognitive skills, and ambition.

With the exception of the math test, everything is done in scantron. When you are done testing, you are done for the day. Pending on how you fare with the background test, credit check, and the test are you called back for an actual panel interview. On that same day they also do a physical agilities test (they advise you bringing a change of clothing). If you pass that, you take a medical, which is a physical and drug screening. Then pending how you did you are offered an employment invite. 7 weeks of training with their book of rules and operating procedures. Then you are on the trains. You are on probation for 60 days and after a year of employment you can choose to apply for another position.

You aren't going to be owning any job at the beginning and they stressed the 2hr call rule. You can request 3 but they said a minimum of 2hrs notice is standard. They also mentioned you can be bumped several times a day, so plan on writing off your social life for awhile.

My best advise: Have your application completely filled out, bring 2 pencils/pens, dress accordingly (remember, you're going for a uniform position), have your cell phone off and listen to directions. I saw quite a few interesting people in my overview and HR has no patience for anything less than what it was told to you in plain english in the invite letter to the overview.
  by RearOfSignal
Starting out as a new AC, where you work depends on two things: what's available and your position in your class. New AC's are not all required to start on the extra list, you can take whatever AC job is available at the time. If none are available then they'll make a few list jobs and you can take the one of your preference. As for holding any job at a senior crewbase like Poughkeepsie or New Haven out of class for more than a few days, not likely. Right now most junior terminal is probably Stamford followed by GCT. While you're on probation you can not hold yard jobs. But you do not need tons of seniority to work yard jobs as a brakeman maybe for a week or so at time until you're bumped. Certain yard jobs come up for bid often because of late hours and more so because some pay more $$$ than others. Except in rare circumstances -like force assigning -your seniority determines where and when you work; you'll almost always have a choice of jobs to take, though the choices available may not be to your liking, but it is a choice.
  by dclarke474
How many math problems do you have to do in 30 mins. Also can someone give a example of a mechanical question and answer that's on the test?
  by RearOfSignal
dclarke474 wrote:How math problems do you have to attempt to do in 30 mins?
As many as you can -correctly. The mechanical aptitude test, example: They show you a set of gears and and ask which way will gear A turn if gear D turns clockwise?
  by dclarke474
Thanks, that sound pretty simple. So are they asking basic mechenical questions or you have to be former mechanic to figure it out?
  by RearOfSignal
If you passed high school physics you should be fine.
  by dclarke474
Did not take high physics but have an idea what you are saying. Aslong its not tricky i will be ok.
  by Steamboat Willie
Situational mathematic questions; 3 passengers have 20 dollars worth of tickets, they all owe 3.75 on each ticket. One person gives you a 20 to cover them and another person, one gives you a 5. How much change do you give to the both of them. They will ask you how you will make change also, so you have to fill in the boxes. They also had a part where some rules apply, such as figuring out senior citizen fare and child fares and there were questions as such. Last part of the math was multiplication and long addition problems.

There were some clever mechanical questions. All diagrams for the most part. They will ask you which is a smoother ride over a rough terrain, a small wheel or large. They had a picture of a boat in a stream and they have 2 points, and they asked you at which point would it be easier of you had to pull the boat provided you were along side of it on a path. For the ones where it takes you longer than 15 seconds to figure out, skip it. Go back later on and attempt it. Some of them you have to analyze for a minute to figure it out. I believe there were 80 of these. Definitely 60+.
  by Swedish Meatball
The training is supposed to be a straight through program. When you finish your supposed to be a Conductor. MNRR bargained with the Conductors union on this. So far there has yet to be a class that has finished and marked up as conductors. The program should be closer to 7 months. There will be alot more on the job training.
  by Grump
Thats what alot of the freight railroads do I hear. I'm not to crazy at the thought of someone fresh out of class conducting with no prior railroad experience...
  by RearOfSignal
Neither are the current conductors and asst conductors. Not to mention a junior person who hasn't even marked up yet being qualified and able to make more $$$ than someone with almost 2 years experience. They took out the current class for promotion to conductor early unqualified to cover the vacations instead of taking out the new class early as trainman.
  by dclarke474
if on the extra list and on call, do you sit at home all day which require you to get a PT job or MNRR will always have work for you at any station?
  by DutchRailnut
You do not have to sit at home when on extra list as long as they can reach you (cellphone, wife, mommy , girlfriend, boyfriend) its your obligation to be available for service.
Even if your on call you get paid a minimum days pay, even if there is no work, its called a guarantee.
As long as you are available for 5 days you get 5 days pay.
As for what work you cover, normaly the extra list at a terminal, will protect work, even at next terminal.
So if you work in GCT, you may have to cover work in Harmon, North White plains, or Stamford.
If you work out of Stamford they could tell you to protect a job in GCT, New Haven or Danbury.
If you work in North White Plains they could tell you to protect a job in Brewster or GCT.
You are not required to use your own car for deadheading, its upto you if you want too, normal deadheading is by train or taxi.
They will give you 2 hour call (as per contract), the two hour is to your home terminal, even if you deadhead to another terminal.
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