Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by nyandw
Anyone have photos of the LIRR eTix? Thank you.
MTA eTix – a mobile ticketing service that allows LIRR customers to purchase and use train tickets directly from their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets – is now available on ALL LIRR branches.

To access MTA eTix, download the free app on iPhone or Android and set up your account.

Buy your LIRR ticket in advance of travel with a credit or debit card. Then, activate your ticket on the app just before you board the train so you can display it to the conductor.

One-way, round-trip, ten-trip, weekly, monthly and CityTickets are available for purchase via the app. For more info, visit: https://new.mta.info/mta-etix
  by kitchin
There are some pictures on Google Images, like And the Newsday one with the train, if you can get past the popups.
  by Kelly&Kelly
Huge fraud problems with these. It's incredible how much revenue is being lost.
  by kitchin
The app has a moving color pattern after the ticket is activated. An app the conductor scanned would be more secure, true.
  by Head-end View
Still seems simpler just to buy a paper ticket from a machine or ticket agent....... :wink:
  by kitchin
Yep, they don't look at the barcode. They look at it the way you have it there.
  by Head-end View
Then what is to stop you from using the same ticket the next day and the day after that?
  by kitchin
You can only activate it once.