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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by lexon
My girlfriend and I are going to the cog railway around the middle of Aug. Looking for reasonable price accommodations. We are 70 and non smokers. We don't require a huge room. Clean, decent, shower, double bed, maybe wireless. We eat out. Maybe only one and at most two nights. We have AARP and AAA cards also.
Hiking areas would be nice also.
I have looked at the cog site and see the steamer runs at 9am which is what we want.
Would it be advisable to order the ride tickets online? We plan to be there during the week, not the weekend.
Yes, we will bring jackets for the ride.

  by sixflagscoasters
I have never stayed at a hotel/inn/motel/etc... in Bretton Woods, NH, But I have found these just with a google search.

I cant tell you if they are any good, or what you are looking for. But I am sure Mount Washington Resort will be good, but it might be out of your price range, or too much for what your looking for.

http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/Br ... ngton.aspx
http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/Br ... ngton.aspx
http://www.outdoors.org/lodging/whitemo ... /index.cfm

I hope this helps.
  by lexon
Thanks for the reply. I was at my girlfriends place when I posted the question. Did not have time to do a Google search. I am searching now. I was hoping to find someone who has been there recently.

We are also interested in Conway so a bunch of searching is underway.

  by RedLantern
There is of course the Mount Washington Hotel, which is right at the base of the mountain. It might not be the cheapest, but it's certainly the closest, and it might be worth the extra cost.
  by atsf sp
Fox Ridge in North Conway is where I always stay. There are plenty of hotels in North Conway. And you could get to the cog in time if you drive. just check mapquest on the time.
  by sixflagscoasters
I remember staying at the Fox Ridge Resort several years ago. It was a nice place. The web site says they take AARP and AAA!

I believe we ate at the "Muddy Moose" and "Up Country" Restaurants. They are located down the street near the Red Jacket Resort which is owns Fox Ridge. I dont remember if I liked the food at either one of those places, but I am sure it was not bad if they are still in business. I think the "Muddy Moose" was fairly new when we went there. Pirates Cove mini golf is near the entrance to the Fox Ridge, and I remember that being nice fun mini golf courses, if you like to play mini-golf

The Cog Railway is about 1 hour from the Fox Ridge. So I am not sure if that is reasonable for you or not.

I found a room at Fox Ridge priced at $134.10 (subtotal with AARP discount) for two nights Aug. 17-18, and it has 2 double beds, or you could get the Mountain View King bed for $166.50

Here is the google map for the directions from Fox Ridge to Cog Railway:
http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source= ... 2&t=h&z=17

Sorry for the long link. Please copy and paste the whole link and don't just click on the blue underlined section of the google maps link.

Also just down the street from Fox Ridge is the Conway Scenic Railroad, which is a very nice ride. If you like train rides, I would recommend the 5-1/2 hour trip if you have the time. But if not they also have shorter trips like the 55 min trip.

I hope this helps Rich. I will try to look for more if you don't like this one.
  by p&w3901
I have stayed at the Profile Deluxe in Twin Mountain. Nothing fancy, when I stayed there last (2004) it was around $50 a night- closer to the base of the Cog than N Conway. If you look at Twin Mountain, stay away from Shakepeare's Inn- I stayed there once in October, and the lack of hot water in the shower left me looking for another motel!
  by cogger
Here is a link to a motel I often recommend to friends coming up to the Cog. It is less than a mile from Base Road. Fabynas restaurant is right across the street as well. Good luck!

  by Reader#108
The seasons of Attitash is a great place...my family and I stay there frequently. Its not too far from...well..everything. Its about 20 minutes from Conway and about 30 mins from Bretton Woods....they have a buy 3 get one free package I believe....its a great time!
  by p42thedowneaster
The Seasons at Attitash is a great value...condos with full kitchens. Plus they have a nice rec. building with an indoor pool and jacuzzi.

The Mt Washington Hotel is my all-time favorite. If you appreciate historic structures, this is where you want to stay. Don't let the price scare you away from spending at least one night there!
  by Ridgefielder
I'd recommend both the Covered Bridge Motel and the Wildcat Tavern in Jackson, NH-- both decent, basic places that I've stayed in when up there cross-country skiiing.
  by lexon
We found a nice place. Thanks all for the replies.

  by 4266
interesting enough, I have some visiting in-laws who are asking the same question about a good place to stay in the Notch. since they are on a budget I told them the "Above The Notch Inn".
that brings me to a railroad related question- Has the CSRR or the Cog or the MT Washington Hotel ever considered putting together some sort of a "thru-ticket package deal" where the passengers could take the Notch Train up to Fabyans, take a free shuttle to the cog base station and end up at the Mt. Washington Hotel (or vice versa). After a night at the hotel another shuttle brings the passengers back to Fabyans or Crawfords for the return trip...
call it a "one ticket ride to the summit of Mt.Washington"!!!
Likewise, the same could be done in the winter by linking Cranmore, Attitash and Bretton Woods via Ski Train.
  by lexon
We stayed at the Shakespeare Inn. $57 each night near Twin Mountain on Rt 3. Basic, quiet. Nothing spacial but we did not plan to stay in the room much. Beautiful weather and did not need the AC.
I searched the 'Net for motels in Bretton Woods and came up with many possibilities.
The Cog was about 12 minutes away on Rt 302.
Fabyan's Station and Restaurant had a great dinner there the last night. Pricey but very good.

Had a great trip. THREE CLEAR DAYS at Mt Washington. Amazing.
My girl friend and I stood at the rear of the passenger car on the way up. Most of the time we were leaning against the back. Max angle is around 37 degrees. Noisy with a lot of vibration.
We were being pushed by the steam loco.
Each day, one steam loco and three bio-diesels were working the mountain.
Someone in another forum said the steamer runs only at 9am but we saw it running most of the day.

The steam loco uses 1 ton of coal and 1000 gals of water with a water stop part way up the mountain. I had one arm out the window of the car with the camera and coal particles were rapidly collecting on my arm. No clearance issues with this railroad.

The bio-diesel uses 15 to 18 gal of fuel with very little pollution.
The trip takes about three hours with almost an hour at the top. There was about a 12mph breeze with a temp of about 50 degrees.

The trip we took at the Conway Scenic railroad was lame compared to this trip.

The Notch trip would be very good as we drove to North Conway three times and the railroad track though the Notch looks fascinating hanging on the side of a cliff.

Last thing, take a ride on a Zip Line. That is a “Trip” you will not forget.

  by harrissteve11
$57 for each night is pretty high for men & you said its not special then why would i pay $57 for each night ?