Discussion relating to the PRR, up to 1968. Visit the PRR Technical & Historical Society for more information.
  by urrengr2003
The PRR had a small number of unpowered commuter cars; beleive the combinations were refered to as "bride & grooms." How did the trailer get its power source for heat in cold weather? Can understand lighting load coming thru standard jumper cable but higher current for resistance heat would seem to make this source impossible.
  by glennk419
I believe the trailers were part of married pairs so they would have received heating power via semi-permanent buss cables. The MP54 married pair power cars also had a higher HP rating ( 736 HP ) vs the 400 HP rating for single cars. The current SEPTA SLIV married pairs have a similar arrangement as both cars carry different power components ( transformer, motor generator ) with power buss cables between them although both cars have traction motors. The original Reading MU's had the power buss along the roof from which their trailers could draw lighting and heating power.