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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by NNR
Hi all Any updates on the mount union connecting railroad? are they in business any new pics of track work rolling stock? thanks!

  by bwparker1
Lance Myers seems to always know the latest on the MTC, which I don't think is very much...


You can contact him via this page.

  by NNR
I recieved some update the MUC is inactive at this time but excpects to pick up this spring. Any one got any new pictures or more info.
  by NNR
I there any news for The Mount Union Connecting Railroad for 2009 any progress with track rehabilitation or service?
  by bwparker1
Not to beat a dead horse, but are there any signs of life for this little but interesting line in Mt. Union, PA? I thought I read in a PA DOT freight rail press release that they received a grant somewhat recently, perhaps 2009?

  by goffmedia
The word from FEBT is the Mt Union is in litigation with the East Broad Top for control, since its been a decade since work start. Mt Union says they have no legal rights to be booted off property, although they have shown little progress in getting clients. East Broad Top wants to take over rail service
  by trackwelder
you mean like common carrier freight under an ebt banner?
  by ebtmikado
Maybe that's the reason that PRR K-4 1361 just arrived at the EBT...to be operated on the Mount Union Connecting. ;-)
  by trackwelder
  by Sir Ray
Bump, because the group that operated the EBT (East Broad Top Preservation Association?) itself is sort of being booted off the property by the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company.
News of the Mount Union Connecting Railroad (MTC) sort of peters out in 2008 (the EBT site Mount Union page ends with a 2006 update - also some mention that the trackwork was progressing well - till 2006, that the Engine House was repaired and painted, and that the Plymouth switcher the Mount Union had purchased had a lot of problems). After that, dribs and drabs can be found on other websites (including this one), but not much.
You can see on Google Maps the loading dock in Mount Union that the MTR built, and the restored connection to the Norfollk Southern line pretty clearly - also, former siding ROW into a half-demolished complex directly south on what I guess was a restored Station on Layfette Ave, near the dock. Following State Route 2025 East you past the restored Enginehouse (north of a bank on 2025), and then a yard half buried in the woods with what I guess are the abandoned EBT narrow-gauge hoppers as seen on the bottom of this page.
You can follow the ROW east on google maps fairly easily to the cool dual Gauge Rt 522 crossing, and the south alongside 522 until a facility that Google Maps labels as Containment Solutions. Then the ROW seems hard to follow and disconnected.

So, what was the ultimate goal of the MTC? Was containment solutions or some other facility in that little area supposed to be clients? I Keep reading about "Sylco Services" - are they even still around (their website indicates they are served by Juniata Valley)? I can't really figure out the Mount Union's ultimate goal, if they ever had one - any ideas?
  by trackwelder
transloading in the yard and servicing the allendale industrial park where sylco service (or was, whichever).
  by bwparker1
What is the latest news, if any? Has the entire operation folded?